Rosewill Blackhawk-Ultra Super Tower Computer Case Review

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Outside the Rosewill Blackhawk-Ultra

The name Blackhawk makes you think of sleek stealth type product and this gigantic case in shiny and flat black fits that minds eye image.
Blackhawk Ultra Front
The front of the Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra is a semi-gloss black painted metal mesh with high gloss black plastic on the sides.  There are four 5.25″ bays at the top and behind the mesh front you can just make out the edges of the dual front 230mm intake fans.  It is very hard to tell on this picture but the bottom bay has a 3.5″ knockout as well if you want to run a floppy or other 3.5″ device.   The whole front is filtered, even the bay covers making the intake air nice an clean.
Blackhawk Ultra Left
The left side of the case has a large fine mesh panel with a 230mm fan pre-installed and holes for an additional 5 120mm fans or 9 if you remove the 230mm fan.  That is serious potential cooling power if you like positive pressure cooling. 
Blackhawk Ultra Right
The right side is fairly simply with a solid panel and a single 120mm fan port if you wanted to cool the backside of your CPU socket.  Certainly overkill but why not since this is the Blackhawk Ultra model.
Blackhawk Ultra Back
Swinging around to the back the sheer size of this case becomes more apparent with no less than 7 grommets for water tubing, 10 slots for PCI cards, and the optional top or bottom (or both if you need dual PSU’s) mounted PSU port.
Blackhawk Ultra Top
Going up top on the Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra there is the continuation of the black mesh from the front, I/O ports, a HDD dock, and dual 230mm fans.
Blackhawk Ultra Bottom
Flipping over to the bottom of the Blackhawk Ultra reveals four rubber feet and a large mesh area to accommodate the PSU and an optional 120/140mm fan.  The entire bottom area is covered with a plastic filter mesh to minimize the dust bunnies in the case.
Blackhawk Ultra I/O
A close up of the top mounted I/O ports shows two USB 3.0, four USB 2.0, headphone, mic, reset, power, and status lights.
Blackhawk Ultra HDD Port
If you frequently move massive amounts of files and/or like to have a backup off site, the top mounted Hard Drive ports can be a convenient way to hot plug a drive, move some files, and disconnect.  This is an interesting feature but personally I am not clear how much use it would get outside of say a photo professional.
Blackhawk Ultra Front Removed
Finally we pulled the front panel off to see the dual 140mm intake fans and the brackets covering all but the top 5.25″ bay.
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