Quakecon 2005: Day 0

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More vendors and the BYOC

Activision is advertising its existing major title, Doom 3, as well as its next creation, Quake 4. The NVIDIA booth has demo systems setup with working builds of Quake 4! There’s always something new in the works with Activision.

Alienware has been a dependable sponsor of Quakecon and this year is no different. Alienware’s booth has many huge LCD monitors setup, one of which was displaying a run of 3DMark2005.

Bawls has also been a long-time sponsor of Quakecon and is present in full force as the beverage of choice for most late-night gaming events.

Razer is a newer sponsor of Quakecon that manufactures mice and other peripherals for gaming systems.

Now the biggest segment of the convention center is used for the beloved BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer)! This is free for anyone to register for, and is typically considered the main reason to attend Quakecon. When we were walking through, the volunteer staff was still putting the finnishing touches on the massive LAN that will connect everyone’s computer together via 150+ switches and miles of ethernet cable!

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