OCZ Blade DDR3 6GB 2000MHz Memory Review

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Everest Ultimate 5.0

Kingston HyperX T1

EVEREST Ultimate Edition is an industry-leading system diagnostics and benchmarking solution for enthusiast PC users, based on the award-winning EVEREST Technology. During system optimizations and tweaking it provides essential system and overclock information, advanced hardware monitoring and diagnostics capabilities to check the effects of the applied settings. CPU, FPU and memory benchmarks are available to measure the actual system performance and compare it to previous states or other systems. Furthermore, complete software, operating system and security information makes EVEREST Ultimate Edition a comprehensive system diagnostics tool that offers a total of 100 pages of information about your PC.

Kingston Triple Channel DDR3 2000MHz

Results: Here the 6GB OCZ Blade kit leads the way with lower timings, while 6GB HyperX T1 memory is nearly equal. There is very little separating these two and noticing the difference takes a benchmark like this.

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