Oakley O ROKR Pro Bluetooth Sunglasses Review

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O ROKR’s Out of the Box

Oakley O ROKR Pro Sunglasses

Oakley included only the bare necessities inside the box and gets you up and going with little fuss.  Besides the sunglasses, you get a charger, soft carrying case, instruction manual, and extra nose pads.  For those of you that have owned Oakley sunglasses in the past, you know that the carrying case doubles as the recommended lens cleaner. You can also charge the O ROKR’s using a typical USB-mini cable that you would find with any digital camera or mobile device.

O ROKR Box Contents

The Oakley O ROKR Pro’s has a tri-color LED indicator to give the user Status of Power, Pairing, Battery Level, and Connectivity.  If you have the glasses on, you can’t see the LED at all, but the audible tones that the user hears provides tons of information including: Power On/Off, Paring Mode, Paring Confirmed, Low Battery, Out of Range, Min/Max Volume, Incoming Call, and Muted Microphone.

Oakley O ROKR & Thump 2

From the first look, you can really tell the size difference between the O ROKR Pro’s and the older Thump 2’s.  The O ROKR Pro has a much more sleek design which translates into a lighter frame design.  The O ROKR’s fit on your nice and snug – as typical Oakley’s do.  After getting them on your face, you can adjust the earbuds to an optimal position on your face.  With the sunglasses and ear bud properly seated, you are ready to roll.

Oakley O ROKR Pro Side

Of course the killer application of these new Oakley sunglasses is the ability to stream music wirelessly from your mobile device.  The O ROKR Pro’s use the A2DP and AVRCP protocols to play and control music from your Bluetooth device.  We were immediately able to pair up our Palm Treo 750 and RIM Blackberry Bold to start hearing our favorite tunes.  If you have an iPhone, you are out of luck unless you want to purchase a Bluetooth adaptor that will stream music in stereo.  This is the exact same problem we had when we experimented with the JayBird JB-200 Stereo Headphones.  Both JayBird and Oakley produce an adaptor for the iPhone and iPod that add about $50 to the package.

The O ROKR’s come with the same basic button layout as the older Thump 2’s  with buttons for Volume Up, Volume Down, Fast Forward/Next Track, Fast Rewind/Previous Track, and Play/Pause. The O ROKR it adds a Call Button for answering calls.  The layout is logical and is very easy to work while you are on the move training.

O ROKR Pro Controls

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