NXZT Panzerbox Aluminum Mid Tower PC Case Review

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NZXT Panzerbox ATX Computer Case

Reviewing the Panzerbox was a pleasure although I didn’t have too many spare parts to tinker with on it. I’m sure Panzerbox owners won’t run into that same issue. Having said that, there were a couple of things that I did not think too highly of. I do wish you were able to replace the 190mm fans with maybe a 120mm (or even a 200mm) if needed or wanted. It takes away from the customization factor a little bit without that option in my opinion. I also wasn’t very fond of the flimsy POWER/RESET buttons. They do the job, but they should be sturdy and not move around. The exclusion of a CPU cutout was a little disappointing, and last but not least, not including all the risers and screws to mount a motherboard properly was more or less my biggest quibble about this case, especially if you’re claiming to support ALL form factors. Having 6 may work for other boards, but for a full ATX board, every screw and riser is required in my book. Also, mounting the power supply might depend on the model you have. I used an older ULTRA branded power supply and while it mounted fine, I
use screws in all 4 holes, only 3. It held fine but I wasn’t too keen
on it. I’d say it was more or less the hardware I was using so I
wouldn’t worry too much, but at least keep an open mind to it. Also, while
I doubt someone would try, installation of a V10 cooler is a bust. It fits the ASUS Rampage motherboard I have, but the cooler is too big for
this case and it does not leave any room for an optical drive if did fit.

As mentioned, I enjoyed reviewing this case and can definitely recommend it to a friend or anyone else. The drawbacks are very few, and there are plenty of good things about this case to like. I’ve looked around and had a hard time finding a price but I did see a reference of it being around $120. Not bad with all the features, but it will have to really compete with other cases in the $100-$150 price range, including some nice  towers like the Antec 900 or the Cooler Master HAF 922. Availability is also a bit iffy right now. I still have not been able to find it anywhere yet. I don’t think it will be too much longer till this case arrives to the channel though. With its good airflow, light weight, ability to install a dual 120mm radiator, and detachable front panel wires (I have to admit I liked that), The Panzerbox just might be the case to watch for.

Legit Bottom Line: The NZXT Panzerbox was designed to push some serious air in and out of it while being lightweight; it’s not all bling bling and it doesn’t disappoint. Although, not including all the screws and risers needed to mount a motherboard properly is a bit disappointing.

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