24.9 Megapixels – NVIDIA Shows 4K Surround Gaming on Assassin’s Creed IV


NVIDIA has been talking about 4K gaming monitors quite often these days, but we haven’t heard much about 4K Suround monitor setups until today. NVIDIA has a 4K surround demo up and running that you really need to see in person to believe.

6480 x 3840 4K Surround Setup

NVIDIA’s demo has three ASUS PQ321Q 31.5-inch 4K Ultra HD Monitor setup at 3840 x 2160 in portrait mode. That means you end up with a 6480 x 3840 monitor setup for 24.88 million pixels of pure goodness. They were then running Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and allowing those here at the event to take the mega-panel setup for a test drive.

6480x3840 Here is a quick look at the available resolutions in the in-game menu! Our current 5760×1080 setup officially feels tiny after looking at this 6480 x 3840 setup!  How is NVIDIA powering such a monitor setup? maingear-sli NVIDIA was using a high-end Maingear Shift gaming PC that was running three NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan 6GB video cards! This system has a combined 18GB of GDDR5 memory and starts at $6,613.00 with three of these video cards. Each ASUS PQ321Q 4K Ultra HD display runs $3499.00, so this 4K Surround setup would set you back an additional $10,497! Not everyday you get to see $20,000 PC setup!4k-triple-sli

Each ASUS PQ321 monitor was run off one GeForce GTX Titan video card using the DisplayPort video output. The gameplay was pretty smooth on this 3×1 setup, but you could tell that this is pushing the limits of this crazy high-end setup!

4K Surround Settings

Very cool demo and this is the first time that we have seen a 4K Surround gaming setup! We just had to share!

  • klepp0906

    And here I thought my 4 titans struggled with my 12 million pixels. Apparently bad coding isn’t the reason they are only loaded to 60% while playing ffxiv. It may be time to scoop up 3 of the 4k asus displays after all. I figured today’s cards couldn’t handle that high a reso.

    That said two things, 1) @ 4680×2560 across 3 displays the font is already incredibly small, this must be nuts.

    2) whoever wrote this article…. It’s still only 6gb of VRAM. The effects of several cards are concurrent not cumulative.

    That is all. Sigh now u totally re routed my tax refund. I had plans for a new tv and a set of the new consoles, now new monitors if is 🙁

    What I do wonder is if any games support that high a reso natively. Oh and also would love more specs on that rig since I can’t even get surround to enable properly half the time!

  • Maximilian

    I’d really like to run three monitors but that bezel would get on my nerves.

  • Dylan Dingler

    this has twice as many pixels as my rig 😮

  • GrabTheSalt

    Holy mother of–

  • Eren Atas

    people definitely gonna need frameless screens from now on.

    • How_delightful

      Or the new samsung curved screens?

  • Michael Pitts

    OMFG!!!! That is FREAKING AWESOME!!!


    What a shit :))

  • Sin Lee

    Not impressed until we get some performance results. Now I would be impressed if it was gaming on 8K, doesn’t even have to be surround.

    • basroil

      If the 780ti is as good as Nvidia claims (2 will drive 3x4K), then a triple SLI of those should be able to push 8K (4x4K=8K after all)

      • Qiplayer

        No. You need more than 3gb vram

  • kyme32

    the this setup can slap your face while you play a combat game i would buy it, if not fuck it, it’s same as mine but more expensive!
    i hate to play mw3 and bops2 on high settings due the details and the fact that i can’t fking see ppl on maxed out and you fking speaking about 4k?seriously? what the fuck?that make no sense to me, why would i freaking buy a damn 4k setup if i can enjoy wining a damn game?only to show my neighbors that i can?fk that! i better show them that i can handle few more beers 😉
    fk the overprice man, i don’t get ppl who buy more then 680 for a pc, it’s fking enough a damn 680 and you buy 3x titans?whooot the f?what the hell, bunch of ppl who love to trow money on the damn window

    • basroil

      3x titan rigs are usually meant for compute performance, since you have the full 1/3 fp64 performance. Some people also use them for one computer play and record/stream rigs, but only ones I have seen have been compute platforms. Damn lab next to mine has some TITAN cards for number crunching…

    • TheOtherTurnipTaliban

      It’s trying to communicate with us

  • Gomez Arntzen

    oh how did they get my pc ?

    • David Calloway

      It’s okay to change your avatar…… no one is looking for you. ; )

      • Gomez Arntzen

        of course i have to do this if i show me you could get my real name an steal my pc ;(

  • iloutionj


  • Tino

    lol AMD was running triple 4K monitor too at their gpu14′ event but it only needed 2 of their new R9 290X cards to run. So yeah…

    • TheGameGuru

      Eyefinity doesn’t render across all 3 displays. It stretches 1 image to the side screens. It’s a gimmick technique and it’s not really pushing 12k

      • nvidafangurl

        yeah yeah your ass is being stretched by nvidia, not the pic by amd. Go back and fanboy them some more tard

        • Guest

          He’s not fanboying just bringing up anti-fanboy facts lol..

        • Guest

          your name made me laugh

        • shaolin95

          Fanboy because it made you look like a moron when he exposed your lame “AMD does it better” argument as totally misinformed?
          Grow up noy

        • Brian

          you’re getting trolled, you should really stop

    • 40whiners suck alot of peepee

      my gtx 790 6 gig will blow any amd out the water

      • Muhmmad Mustafa

        We are talking about single gpu not dual gpus.

        • David Calloway

          Come on… not much to worry about here…. he’s referring to a card that doesn’t even exist yet….and may never exist.

    • SomeGuy

      You can run 3 4k monitors with two HD7770’s too, but I doubt it’ll be performing well.

  • FatAmerica

    thats funny. 3 cards which i bet they are titans need to run 4K HD money well spent.

    • ishkafel

      Overpricing is the name of the game.

    • TheGameGuru

      Eyefinity stretches the image to the other 2 screens. It’ not 12k.

      This is setup is not being stretched. Each titan is handling 1 display

      • JimBoner

        eyefinity doesnt stretch the image it’s more resolution maybe if you play a game that supports eyefinity you will see

    • basroil

      You mean blogs.windows.com/windows/b/extremewindows/archive/2013/07/25/pushing-the-12k-pc-gaming-boundary-at-1-5-billion-pixels-per-second.aspx ? That’s still just 4K surround, same 1.5billion px/s you get either way you line up the monitors. And it wasn’t one 7990, IT WAS THREE OF THEM. Not just that, but the setup was run in Dirt3 (not an extremely taxing game by bleeding edge standards) with shadows and particles at low settings. From the picture up there, it looks like HBAO was turned on, and that’s a MASSIVE performance hit there.

      • klepp0906

        Don’t bother, can’t win an arguement with an idiot. That said, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was legitimately ignorant of the facts. If that was the case, I only hope he was mature enough to learn from it. That would tilt the overwhelming ratio of idiot to non a one more in our favor. Every little bit counts!

    • klepp0906


      That said, completely Independant of this comment (just using space efficiently) I do wonder how much VRAM was used. Considering the average game uses 3gb at the reso I run at, I’d imagine this is using an average of 4.5 if not better.

      PS: now totally relevant to this comment, that is why your implication about the amd card is nonsense 🙂 unless you mean running it with everything turned down anyhow. (Don’t feel bad, it’s still very impressive, that’s a ton of pixels)

  • TheGameGuru

    Mother of god……..

    • Paul Margettas

      sweet baby jesus indeed

      • Som Guy

        by the power of greyskull…….

        • Hodor