NVIDIA Montreal TWIMTBP Press Briefing Coverage


NVIDIA is holding a press conference covering PC gaming this week in Montreal, Canada. NVIDIA made it clear that a new video card will not be announced today, but there is no NDA during the event and that we were free to talk about and show you all of the information discussed.

PC Gaming Thriving

Tony Tamasi, NVIDIA SVP Content and Technology, kicked off the event by talking about how large the gaming industry is. There are 600 million PC Gamers worldwide and the industry is thriving. For example the Call of Duty game franchise has brought in over $8 billion dollars since 2003 and that sum is larger than the James Bond movie franchise since 1963!


NVIDIA will today be covering game platforms, game works and game technology this morning. Game Works is the NVIDIA developer platform.


NVIDIA has 300 visual effects engineers, many with Ph.d.s  that are experts working to develop algorithms for amazing visual effects on Geforce video cards. The Gameworks library is comprised of VisualFX SDK, Graphics Library, PhysX SDK, Core DSK, Game Compute Library and Optix.


 Tony then showed a FaceWorks demo that showed ‘Ira’ being rendered in real-time.  This demo is being run on Linux! This is being run on the Logan SoC devkit that works on both Linux and Windows.  The demo shows debugging working successfully and we are told that Logan is running in single-digit Watts. Project Logan is basically Tegra 5 and the fact that it can run the FaceWorks demo is impressive.  When NVIDIA first showed off FaceWorks earlier this year it was run on an NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan video card! 

A video of a similar demo that was shown in July can be watched above.


Next up we have the PhysX SDK. NVIDIA says that over 500 game titles now use the PhysX game engine and it is the most popular physics engine used by game developers.


One of the major announcements for NVIDIA today is Flex. Flex is a unified GPU physics system that will be integrated into the PhysX SDK sometime next year.


 NVIDIA showed a demo of the new Flex system in action that included both rigid-bodies in a fluid that looked good. The demo goes on to include cloth along with the fluid and it again looks good.  NVIDIA says being unified helps developers build and play around with more items in less time.

optixNext up there was a quick discussion on the Optix SDK, which is used by game developers authoring core pipelines. NVIDIA said that Bungie is uing the OptiX SDK to calculate ambient obscurance in future game titles.


Nvidia’s Horizon-Based Ambient Occlusion (HBAO) technique is up next. The HBAO algorithm can be tweaked to increase realism. An example of this would be to increase the shadow radius to allow larger objects to occlude more. NVIDIA said they they are working how it handles contact-hardening shadows.


NVIDIA showed a demo of PhysX with a scene that hard a car with a hard shadow under the car and how they can soften the shadow underneath.


Next up we have the VisualFX SDK that is used for amazing cinematic visual effects. This is basically a turn-key solution that allows developers to combine multiple effects.


GI Works is one of the new effects and is used for global illumination. NVIDIA says that the GIWorks library will be integrated into games starting in 2014. GI works is said to solve developer issues with shadows and light sources and is cross-platform ready.


sfsfAnother new one is Flame Works, which delviers film-quality volumetric effects. Think smoke and fire!


NVIDIA showed a demo of Flame Works that looked amazing.  The demo showed a dragon breathing fire in real-time.

We’ll update this page after we get back from a short break.

  • jj

    the g sync module has a gpu that is compatible with everything. You plug it into your computer as long as your monitor and you have a gtx card.

  • wot

    I know this is a private event and all but jeez they could at least show some respect for bill 101.

    • n3s

      Go shove that bill 101 where the sun dont shine…dont bring politics in here

  • How_delightful

    Maybe its to dampen speculation?
    People say there could be a re-hash of an existing card. People are talking about a GTX770Ti,
    I was having big dreams of a GTX780Ti with 4Gb. But then again, I have ideas about turning Yellowstone park underground into a geo-thermal power-station for central USA. Cooling off the magma in the process, for over 100,000 years of near `free` clean energy (whilst helping prevent a potential partial extinction event).
    I guess some people dream big dreams, while life goes on like a staggering drunk.

    • David Calloway

      Sounds like a great solution, makes too much sense for people to,’ get ‘. Be careful though….. ‘ Big Oil ‘ will be on your door step before you know it!

  • momo

    No new GPU! So nothing very interesting to read there 🙁

    • so you want game devs to waste their time making crappy engines & effects, then purely brute force performance by processing power instead of software techniques? wasteful dark ages to me, games are too complex now, middleware is good (at least i hope these arent all exclusive like physx)

      • sirus

        Its all part of PhysX, and the bits that aren’t will be integrated in 2014.

        I suppose its only fair AMD are bringing their own out = MANTLE

        • some of it says cross platform & consoles already have physx, so i’m wondering what possibilities exist on pc (& probably how much we’ll have access to already set up for us in unreal 4)

        • Sean

          The only thing that makes me wonder about this statement is the next-gen consoles are run on AMD apus… So how can AMD APUs be running PhysX? SImply answered, unless Nvidia finally gave in on their exclusivity, they aren’t and won’t. Which makes me wonder… Because I’ve heard that so people say Mantle will not have any console presence/support? Not sure if those that think that misunderstand what Mantle is or what.

        • did you forget how current gen consoles have physx? how about the many pc games that use physx but dont have the gpu version (most unreal games)

          of course ‘amd apus’ will be running physx next gen (unreal 4, etc)

    • azmza

      Software is the most important to drive hardware to works well and optimize, John Carmack said before, that he care for drivers not hardware “We knew that all older AMD drivers, and some Nvidia drivers would have problems with the game, but we were running well in-house on all of our test systems. When launch day came around and the wrong driver got released, half of our PC customers got a product that basically didn’t work. The fact that the working driver has incompatibilities with other titles doesn’t help either.”, the current hardwares still has power but need to optimize it so solution maybe = MANTLE.