NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z Video Card Announced At $2999

Jen-Hsun Huang just announced the GeForce GTX Titan Z graphics card!  This triple-slot graphics card features 5,760 CUDA Cores, 12GB of memory and capable of 8 TeraFLOPS of compute power. This card has an MSRP of $2,999, which breaks down to be about 50 cents per CUDA core. At $3,000 it is safe to assume that this card isn’t targeted towards gamers, but we sure some people with deep pockets might be thinking otherwise right about now!

From what we can tel NVIDIA placed two Titan GK110 ‘Kepler’ GPUs, each with 2880 CUDA Cores, onto a single PCB to create this dual-GPU monster! It is clear by the price and size though that the NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z is aimed totally at graphics professionals, not for gaming although you could game on it for sure.


Here is a closer look at the card. The GPU cooler design is very similar to that of the GeForce GTX 690 that had one central fan that blew air out both the front and the back of the graphics card.



  • Rajinish

    Com’n AMD .. we need more competition ..These days nvidia pricing/strategy is a big joke…..

  • nvidiasucks

    Nvidia price is a big Joke and so are its Fanboys who love sucking on JHH @ss

    • basroil

      Considering the K40 is above $5000 on newegg, and the Titan Z has double the cores and same memory, $3000 is a bargain. When you need CUDA computation power, you’ll probably end up getting a Titan Z before considering a K40 serve (unless you need multiple dozens of cards, then K40 has a few benefits).

      This was never claimed as a graphics driver card you know, the Titan Z was aimed directly at academic simulation.

  • Khaled Mohamed Gharib

    nvidia totally lost it… a tesla for gamers ?

    • Nathan Kirsch

      The line between GPU compute and gaming has been blurred… GeForce should be just for gaming IMO.

      • basroil

        Throughout the entire keynote they more or less ignored gamers though, focusing on compute since that’s where nvidia is making tons of cash and brand building

        Sure it’s good for gaming, but GK110 was never really about games until they came out with the 780

  • Yeltnerb1

    No thanks, I’ll PASS. Bring on Maxwell already.

  • basroil

    3 cards = 2kW? I would hate to hear this thing in action

    • Nathan Kirsch

      Only 17,280 CUDA Cores to power!

      • basroil

        And that comes out to under 120mW per core!

    • Serpent of Darkness

      It’s essentially a dual GTX Titan Black with 6 GB Frame Buffers per Graphic Processor with a fully unlocked 2880 CCs, DX12.0 support. Some have mention the drop in Core Speed is looking to be around the 700 Mhz range. Unless NVidia adds something new strictly on the GTX Titan-Z, buying 2 GTX Titan Blacks will produce the same, or even better results at a cheaper price to 1 GTX Titan-Z. I don’t see what the big deal is, but I do understand that everybody is “upset” at the price tag. Besides, Asus ROG crown went to dual R9-290x in the upcoming ARES III. Typically, they have been known and created because they are the fastest and top GPUs per generation. I don’t fully believe that ROG will just make MARS, then an ARES, then a MARS. First came with MARS II, then ARES II, then there’s the MARS III, then ARES III. Will they come out with a MARS IV which is essentially a better binned Titan-Z. Doubt it. It would probably exceed the $3,000 mark per Graphic Card.

      • Serpent of Darkness

        I wouldn’t be surprised if AMD launches an R9-290xGHZ version later on with all Streaming Processors unlocked on the Hawaii Core. The 2816 SP is only 80% of what Hawaii can do. I can see AMD selling this gimmick once NVidia has all it’s cards on the table. The extra 10% would push R9-290x over the GTX 780 Ti performance on most benches. A similar situation occurred with the 7970 and 7970 GHZ edition, 1 generation ago.

      • basroil

        I meant I literally don’t want to hear the noise these things put out! Just imagine having 6 Titans at 45+ dB each, then multiply it by at least two because of lower cooling efficiency and resonance

      • Zanthra

        You only get 6GB from 2 Titan Blacks, you get 12GB from this.

        • John

          This card won’t be a 12GB pool that both GPU’s can utilize. It will only be 6GB per GPU. So, essentially the same as having two Titan Blacks in SLI.

        • Goddard

          Ya but you will have less vram.