NVIDIA Announces Pascal GPU Coming in 2016


Jen-Hsun Huang just announced the successor to Maxwell will be Pascal! Passcal will be using new technologies like NVLink for 5-12X the bandwidth of PCI Express 3.0, 3D Memory for much more memory bandwidth and in a module that is one third the size of a standard PCIe graphics card.


Here is a shot of Jen-Hsun Huang holding a board with Pascal at the opening keynote of GTC this morning.


Here is an updated NVIDIA GPU Roadmap that now shows where NVIDIA started out in 2008 and where they are headed in 2016 with the new Pascal GPU. What happened to Volta? With NVIDIA NVLink and a new form factor, what will that mean for standard motherboards? Will this be the end of traditional desktop graphics cards?



  • nvidiasucks

    NVLink is co-developed with IBM, which is incorporating it in future versions of its POWER CPUs in Servers etc.

  • Guest

    NVLINK Is Intel ThunderBolt I think

  • Domax

    You lack vision for achieving revolutionary progress. Anyone without clarity can tear something down…building something amazing requires perpetual perception. Find Clarity….

  • nezuko

    meh, again with propietary tech. doomed already. PCIE will be prevail.

    • Guest

      It will only work with IBM Servers

    • basroil

      People said the same thing about Sandisk’s MicroSD. Now people bitch if their phone doesn’t have it!

      Lets see some proprietary tech (including from Nvidia) that didn’t fail:
      CUDA (found in nearly 100% of universities that have engineering labs)
      DirectX (for a time developers hated the idea of DX)
      PCI (intel only tech at the time)
      Ethernet (Xerox)
      and the list goes on and on

  • Domax

    Time to hold off on Maxwell, the revolution begins in earnest 2016!

    • Ben Young

      When Kepler came out, I held off on SLI Fermi. Then when I got around to getting Kepler, I was bummed when they announced Maxwell so soon. Gotta get on that boat sometime. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting forever.

      • Nacelle

        And here’s why you never wait. Buy what you want, when you have the money. Trade up when new stuff comes out.

      • diggs

        If you are always waiting for the next big thing. You will always be waiting.