Netgear Stora Home Media Network Storage Review

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Using the Netgear Stora and Conclusions

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The Netgear Stora is a very unassuming device, like most in the Home Entertainment Category.  It would fit in on anyone’s shelf in any media center in almost any home.  Its feature sets are so encompassing almost any everyday user would be happy.  The Stora is not an Apple TV, it’s not a DLink Boxee Box, or a WD Live!; it’s a Netgear Stora.  If you are looking to stream movies and videos from YouTube and Netflix, then this is not the Device for you.

Surprisingly the Netgear Stora has actually attracted quite the hackers community.  A site called OpenStora has created many hacks to the system, as well as digging into all the inner works of the device.  According to the site the custom OS on the Stora is built around Red Hat Linux, and once opening root acces to the OS, a user can do many things to the device like using it as a Print Server, Transmission Bittorent Server, Proxy server, ISCSI Target and many more uses. 


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If you are looking to stream Home Movies to Grandma, or share pictures with a friend in another state, this is the device for you.  Even if you are a busy professional that needs to grab an important file for a meeting from your home computer this is the device for you.  With the Netgear Stora you are the multimedia producer and content creator.  The Stora is an extension of your home computer.  This is the machine for those parents who have hundreds of family pictures and they want to share them on their TV at a family gathering instead of the gathering the entire family around a Computer Monitor. 

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The Netgear Stora is available under part number MS2100-100NAS for $179.99 shipped and the device comes backed by a 3 year limited warranty as well as 24/7 Technical Support.  The Stora as comes in a Diskless version as the MS2000 which is priced at $116.53 , and a 2TB (2 X 1 TB) as the MS2120 which is priced at $284.  The model we looked at here differs in no way from the other two devices, other than the addition of hard drives.   The only added benefit to the 2TB Model is that you have the comfort and assurance the Stora will work with the hard drives provided, and has been thoroughly tested.

Legit Bottom Line: The $179 Netgear Stora is an easy to use, dead simple Network Media Storage Device that would be great for any parent or any user wishing to share media with family and friends. With its social media functionalities you can keep even those most distant friend or family member in touch!

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