MSI Wind12 U230 Netbook w/ AMD Athlon Neo X2 L335 CPU Review

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PCMark and 3DMark

PCMark Vantage

PCMark Vantage provides you with the correct tools for performance measurement of every type of Personal Computer with Microsoft’s new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system from Office Productivity computers and Gaming Machines to PCs configured for the creative user. With an easy to use interface and clear scoring, you will be able to select exactly the type of tests you want to use and then choose the right upgrade components or complete PC that will fit your needs. This easy-to-use product gives you the same tools and knowledge that virtually every professional tester in the industry uses.

PCMark Vantage Graph

Results: Here we start to see some surprising results. The MSI Wind U230 greatly outperformed the ASUS Eee PC 1201N in PCMark Vantage. It would seem that the AMD Athlon Neo X2 L335 is quite the netbook performance chip.

We tried to run PCMark05 on the MSI Wind U230, but the benchmark would not fully load and was never runnable.


3DMark 06 is still a popular standard in advanced 3D game performance benchmarking and is the latest version in the popular 3DMark series available to run on Windows XP. 3DMark06 tests include HDR/SM3.0 graphics tests, advanced SM2.0 graphics tests, AI and physics driven single and multiple cores or processor CPU tests and a collection of comprehensive feature tests to reliably measure next generation gaming performance.

3DMark 06 Graph

Results: Here we start to see the MSI Wind U230’s ATI Radeon HD3200 graphics are no match to the NVIDIA ION graphics of the ASUS Eee PC 1201N, but we again see the CPU score on the MSI Wind12 U230 is very impressive for a netbook.

We tried to run 3DMark Vantage, but the 1366×768 resolution of the 12.1″ LCD did not meet the 1280×1024 minimum resolution of the benchmark.

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