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This is our third MSI TOP-Tech NV28 video card so we had high hopes when it came to overclocking the MSI Ti4800SE-VTD8X! The last MSI card we got our hands on was the MSI Ti4600-VT2D8X, and we found that we could achieve 315mhz core and 702mhz memory before the scores would decrease. Our goal was to try and match these figures with the MSI Ti4800SE-VTD8X!

We removed the heat sinks, cleaned off the original compound, and applied Arctic Silver 3 to the GPU and memory modules. After we assembled the card we took it back apart to make sure everything was making contact, and it was. We then overclocked the card to see how it would perform! We found that the core could now go up to 324mhz, which is a 49MHz increase! As for the memory, we maxed out at 690MHz, which was the limit of the driver we were using.

To sum up our overclocking section, we topped our old MSI Ti4800 in core clock speed and out performed it in a number of tests! Not bad for a card that costs much less money!


The MSI Ti4800SE-VTD8X currently features a price tag of US ~$175 on the internet, and for that price you get one of the best bundles on the market! No two cards are ever the same, but we experienced performance above the faster and more expensive Ti4800 when the MSI Ti4800SE-VTD8X was overclocked to its peak timings. When looking at the price to performance ratio the MSI Ti4800SE-VTD8X really delivers when you look at the bundle and performance. Granted that the 9700Pro and the Geforce FX Ultra are faster cards and support DirectX 9, the average consumer will find that a Geforce 4 Ti4800SE will suit their gaming needs just fine for the time being.

To sum up, this may be one of the best choices of your hard earned money if you’re looking for something fast with great features and an unbeatable bundle. A fast recap! The MSI Ti4800SE-VTD8X comes with 128mb DDR memory, 8x AGP, Video-In/Video-Out, DVI-I, 17 utilities, 10 games, and all the cables and connectors you need to get running. With this card, just plug it in and install the drivers! Nothing extra to run out and buy to make your accessories work!


  • Performance
  • Good Price Point
  • Huge Software Bundle
  • Cost Effective High Performance
  • Does Not Use a PCI slot
  • Almost "Silent" For a Ti series Card
  • Red PCB


  • None!

The MSI Ti4800SE-VTD8X makes our highest ranking and earns the Legit Reviews Editor’s Choice Award!

Editor's Choice Award

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