MSI Barricade Mid Tower PC Case Review

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Unboxing the Barricade

MSI Barricade Box Front

Let’s see how MSI packaged up the Barricade mid tower chassis before I jump right into the external/internal overview of this little chassis. MSI gives us a good idea on what the Barricade chassis looks like, and they inform us that this particular chassis carries a 3 year warranty. Both front and rear panels of the packaging have the same exact information imprinted on to them.

MSI Barricade Box Side

Rotating the box 90° to the left to one of the end caps; MSI gives us some general features of the Barricade chassis.

MSI Barricade Box Side 2

Turning the box 180° to the left brings us to the final end cap. MSI lists the general specifications of the barricade chassis here.

MSI Barricade Box Opened

Looking at how MSI packaged the Barricade inside of the box. Pretty much standard packaging I have seen on previous chassis’, but instead of using Styrofoam inserts MSI uses foam rubber to help protect the Barricade chassis from the rigors of shipping.

MSI Barricade Accessories

Since the chassis accessories were already out of the chassis I went ahead and laid out its contents to see what is included.

  • User Manual
  • Wire Ties
  • MSI dog tags
  • Rubber Isolators
  • Small bag of screws that include:
  • Motherboard Standoffs
  • Motherboard screws
  • 2.5′ HDD screws
  • Red Isolator washers
  • PC speaker
  • Various chassis screws

MSI Barricade 3/4 View

Here’s what the MSI Barricade chassis looks like outside of the confines of the box.

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