Motorola H680 Bluetooth Headset Review

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Conclusions & Wrap-Up

Motorola H680

After using the Motorola H680 for many hours during the day, we really fell in love with this headset.  It wasn’t the smallest we have ever worked with, nor did it have the best sound quality, but the H680 just worked.  No glitches, no static,  it acknowledged phone calls and did what it was supposed to with no fuss.  Motorola didn’t really even need to include instructions for how to operate the headset. 

Moto H680 Case

Motorola really didn’t try and over complicate things when they designed and built the H680.  They were going for a headset with long talk times and a small footprint that was light on the ears.  They kept their design simple – but not plain.  When you look at the H680, it actually very gender neutral…in other words, you don’t say to yourself “that’s a girlie headset” or “that headset looks too complicated for lil’ol me to operate”.  No, the Moto H680 is a modern and functional headset you can wear both at the office and at school. It’s built for the user who doesn’t want to worry about pressing the right combination of keys to get the thing to work, but for the person who wants to put it their ear and just use it.  Even the way you charge the headset is straightforward and simple. 

Voice quality is the biggest disappoint with the headset.  Users complained that the headset sounded echo-y and hollow.  This was in stark contrast to our best performers (Jawbone & Plantronics) where our audience couldn’t tell that we were on a Bluetooth headset.  This low voice quality is of course due to a lack of DSP correcting speaking levels and ambient noise.  You have to remember though, at the $89 MSRP price point, you will have to give up on certain amenities.  On the plus side, speaker volume is quite loud and you will not have any problems hearing your party. 

Motorola H680 Bluetooth Headset

Motorola decided to focus on what they thought were the most important things that a consumer needs in a wireless headset:  Size, functionality, long battery life, and cost.  For the majority of users, the H680 is all you will need. The Motorola H680 is probably the best headset out there at this price point. 

Legit Reviews Value Award

Legit Bottom Line:

For just $39.99 plus shipping, you can have one of Motorola’s finest Bluetooth headsets on the market today.  While it can’t compete with the noise cancellation and overall quality of the high-end Plantronics or Jawbone, it is certainly the best headset that we have used without active noise cancellation and thus it deserves the Legit Reviews Value Award.  Just don’t lose the charging case.

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