Motorola H680 Bluetooth Headset Review

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Out of the Box and On the Ear

Moto 680 Box Contents

Motorola does a pretty good job of packaging the H680 with the essentials you need to get up and running quickly.  Besides the headset and funky little charging case, Motorola includes a Micro-USB charger, 2 ear cushions and the quick start manual. Besides the small form factor, the Moto H680 comes with a unique way of charging the headset.  There are no visible plugs on the headset, but rather it has magnetic contacts (and if you look closely, two very small pins) in the case that charge the headset.

Moto 680 Case

Unfortunately, if you lose the case, you have no way of charging your headset.  The Plantronics Discovery 925’s charging case is very similar, but we feel the Plantronics headset is a bit more functional since you can at least charge the headset without having the case. With the Motorola, you better no loose case or else you are dead in the water.

Moto 680 Charging Contacts

There are very minimal adjustments for fit on the Motorola H680 as it comes with one-size-fits-all ear hook and two ear cushions.  Both of the cushions are relatively the same size, the difference being the form factor. The H680 sits on the outside of your ear canal, but is wedged in almost like an earbud. The fit is actually quite comfortable and the ear hook does a great job of securing the headset in place.  We tried the headset without the ear hook, but the headset was a bit too big to rest in your ear without help.

Moto 680 Controls

The control buttons on the Motorola are very large and functional for easily adjusting volume, ending calls, redial, voice commands, and muting conversations. I have to not the very nice indicator light that illuminates in blue, purple and red.  These lights indicate battery status, pairing, connection status, mute status, etc.  Along with the audible tones, Motorola does a great job of letting you know exactly what the status of the headset is at any given time.

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