Legit Reviews Stocking Stuffer Guide for 2008

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Gifts Under $50 – Much Better Than Coal in the Stocking

USB 2.0 Powered Missile Launcher

USB Powered Missile Launcher


If you work in a cubicle then a USB Missile Launcher is a must. This little guy moves Left, Right, Up, Down and has some pre-recorded sound effects. It has the ability to shoot more than 10 feet and has three missles that you can launch at someone when they are talking too loud on the phone or just for fun. It comes with quick start guide and the driver disc. Don’t expect a high quality part here, but the fun factor will be high enough to make up for the quality.



OCZ Core Series V2 30GB Solid State Drive

$50 (After Rebate)

Solid state drives are a very new technology but they are already making big waves. SSDs offer you low latency access, incredible read speeds, with modest write and random write speeds. Right now the biggest issue with SSDs are their price to performance ratio. OCZ’s Core Series V2 isn’t the fastest SSD on the market but it is one of the cheapest with the 30GB model selling for $70, or $50 after rebate. While 30GB isn’t much to work with, two 30GB SSDs in RAID0 would offer 60GB of fast storage. If you want to take part in the SSD revolution, plunge in head first with an OCZ Core Series V2.


Kingston DT100 16GB Flash Drive

Kingston 16GB DataTraveler 100 USB Flash Drive

$30 Lowest Price Online

This may not be the cheapest or fastest USB Flash Drive on the market, but for the price, the Kingston DataTraveler 100 should definitely be on your shopping list.  With 16GB of storage, the DT100 can hold large amounts of data – from your MP3s to your pictures to your latest presentation.  Kingston did a good job designing the retractable USB connector as well as there is no removable cap for you to lose. 



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Motorola H680 Bluetooth Headset


The Motorola H680 was one of the better Bluetooth headsets that we reviewed this year.  Don’t let the size and price fool you, this is one of the better performing headsets on the market today.  Not only is is light, it doesn’t make you look like an alien set for invasion when you are wearing it.  Coming in under $30 it even comes with its own charging case.  The H680 certainly justifies the Legit Reviews Value Award we presented and will make a great present for the stocking.


XBOX Live 12 Month Subscription

Microsoft Xbox 360 Live 12 Month Subscription Card

$38.52 Lowest Online Price

Although people have reservations about buying gift cards these days due to the threat of retailers going under, it’s pretty safe to say Microsoft won’t be one of those companies anytime soon. What better gift for your Xbox gamer than an Xbox Live Gold 12 + 1 month subscription gift card? Access multiplayer online gaming, member only content with exclusive privileges in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and more. The MSRP of this is typically $59.99 but it can be found at some e-tailers for under $39.


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