Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 Gen 2 32GB Flash Drive Review

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HD Tach v3.0.4.0

HD Tach is a low level hardware benchmark for random access
read/write storage devices such as hard drives, removable drives
(ZIP/JAZZ), flash devices, and RAID arrays. HD Tach uses custom device
drivers and other low level Windows interfaces to bypass as many layers
of software as possible and get as close to the physical performance of
the device as possible.

Kingston DT Ultimate G1 64GB:

HD Tach Benchmark Results

Kingston DT Ultimate G2 32GB:

HD Tach Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results: The Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 Flash drive averaged 89.5MB/s on the read test while the second generation drive was able to hit 123.9MB/s on USB 3.0! This is a 38% performance improvement in the average read speed!  The burst speed also improved from 99.8MB/s up to 135.4MB/s!

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