Intel Pentium Processor 965 Extreme Edition Review

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Final Thoughts

The Intel Pentium XE

Final Thoughts

The Intel Pentium Processor 965 Extreme Edition is a new stepping with a nice 266MHz speed bump for the flagship Intel processor. The new stepping introduces Enhanced Halt State (C1E) to the Intel 965 processors, which helps reduce the power consumption. According to Intel all of the 955 processors now being made are also on the same stepping.  This means that the Intel 955 and 965 processors only differ by the multiplier that they are set to run at from the factory. 

In terms of pricing the Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 955 can now be found for $1061 at major online retailers and the Intel 965 was no place to be found. We tried, froogle, monarchPC, NCIX, Newegg, and Zipzoomfly only to find that no one had these processors in stock. It’s been nearly two weeks since Intel launched the 965, so where are they?

The Intel Pentium Processor 965 was a joy to work with.  For those who can afford one we highly suggest picking one up as every enthusiast has to see what these are all about.  With the 955 moving over to the new stepping there really is no difference between the 955 and the 965 processor.  Both are based off the same core and eventually the same stepping once the old 955 processors move off the shelves. Since most of the buyers of the Extreme Edition series are overclockers we’d suggest going with the cheaper of the two.  Our Intel 955 overclocked to 4.76GHz, while the Intle 965 made it to 4.80GHz. Is it worth the extra money for a 965 when the overclocking results are so close to the same?  That is a call our readers have to make, but to us the answer is clear. With these processors overclocking so well I wouldn’t be suprised if Intel released the Intel 975 clocked at 4GHz.  Intel once said they would hit 4GHz in 04, but it looks like 2006 is going to be the that they can do it and hit good yields.

In closing we can’t forget about the upcoming Conroe core that Intel will be launching later in the year.  Intel showed off Conroe at the Spring 2006 IDF and it is indeed a great looking processor.  While some will suggest waiting for it why not enjoy the best of both worlds?  Many of the Intel 975X chipset motherboards have been labeled “Conroe Ready”, meaning you will not have to replace the board when these next processors come out.  If you can enjoy running one of these processors for a number of months before picking up next best thing then do it.  Just remember that no matter when you buy computer hardware the next thing is getting ready to come out.  If you wait for the next best thing to come out then you’ll be waiting forever.  AMD and Intel both have great roadmaps full of processors that we will drool over for years to come.

The Legit Bottom Line

The Intel Pentium Processor 965 Extreme Edition overclocks like a bat out of hell and is the ultimate processor for any Intel fan. 

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