Intel Core i7-7700k versus AMD Ryzen 1700X 14 Game CPU Showdown

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DirectX 11 Gaming – 4 More Titles

FarCry 4

FarCry 4 is the latest entry in the open world action-adventure franchise that started in 2004 by Crytek (the developers of Crysis 3).  In it, you play the hero who gets caught up in a civil war between the people and a the Royal Army, which is controlled by a tyrant.  Being an open world game, there is a lot of randomness to the gameplay, and without an integrated benchmark, we will run through one of the towns, and spend some time driving a jeep through the jungle in order to get a good average framerate.  Each of the runs will be done three times, and with all the runs being averaged.  We will use the preset High quality with V-Sync turned off to gauge the performance.

Ryzen 1700x Vs Intel i7-7700x

FarCry 4, starts out with the Intel i7 leading off with a 24% performance lead over the AMD 1700X.  That changes quickly as the resolution increases, with the Ryzen 1700X taking a 2% performance lead.  Ryzen continues to expand it’s lead when we increase the resolution to 4K, with a 5% performance lead.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2015, and is still one of the hottest games available and has won numerous awards.  Set in a modern fictional city of Los Santos, you play a criminal working to pull off various crimes.  Within GTA V there are a wide range of graphic options available, allowing you to tailor your gameplay to your particular system.    There are no preset configurations, so we manually set all of the quality options to Normal, set Anisotropic Filtering to 8x and turn off V-Sync.

Ryzen 1700x Vs Intel i7-7700x

Grand Theft Auto V provides the Intel i7 with a 2% performance lead at 1080p.  At 256×1440, that lead shrinks to around 0.5% in Intel’s favor.  Switching to 4K, the AMD 1700X makes a large jump in performance, overtaking the Intel i7-7700K by 2FPS.

The Crew

The Crew places you in the driver seat of various vehicles, which you drive in an open and persistent scaled down version of the United States.  You take on various missions to gain notariaty, money and ultimately more vehicles.   The game itself is frame locked to a maximum of 60FPS, so we will use the Ultra graphics preset with V-Sync turned off for our testing.  Like the other open world games, there is a wide range of randomness to The Crew, so we will run the same path within the game three times and average the results.

Ryzen 1700x Vs Intel i7-7700x

The Crew presented an interesting set of results, at 1080p both systems hit the 60FPS limit imposed by Ubisoft.   Increasing the resolution to 2560×1440, the Intel i7 test system again hit the 60FPS limit, while the AMD Ryzen 1700x test system was close to 3FPS slower, which is around a 4.5% difference between the two. At 4k, the results became a little more normal with less than 1FPS difference in performance between the two systems.


Thief is the fourth game in the series which takes place in an city which is inspired by the Victorian age, Gothic elements and even some Steampunk thrown in.  As a master thief you take on missions where your main goal is to acquire wealth by stealing from the rich.  We configured the settings using the preset Normal model, and turned off V-Sync; we then used the integrated benchmark to test performance.

Ryzen 1700x Vs Intel i7-7700x

Thief showed very little performance difference regardless of the resolution.  At 1080p and 2560×1440 the Intel i7 had a 0.5% performance lead.  At 4K, the tables turned and the AMD 1700x pulled ahead of the Intel i7 by 1%.


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