Intel Black Brook Portable AIO With Broadwell Shown

Intel VP and GM of Desktop Client Platforms Group, Lisa Graff, showed us the Black Brook portable All-In-One (pAIO) PC at a press conference last night in San Francisco. Intel believes that users want the ability yo move their desktop from room to room and this system includes a carrying handle. This system is powered by an upcoming 5th Generation Core processor (Broadwell) and utilizes a RealSense 3D camera and dual microphones with noise cancellation for improved audio as it can be used at various angles.


Graff also said that Intel has worked to enable hundreds of touch-centric applications that can run on top of a touchscreen interface and that these systems can run at under 10 Watts at idle thanks to Intel Ready Mode Technology that was also announced at the same press conference. Intel is also helping to bring new touch-enabled applications to market, in the form of a Wheel of Fortune game, a Crayola app and many others.

Here is a quick video on the new pAIO that was shown off. As you can see Intel is hoping that portable all-in-ones will bring a ton of fun straight out of the box.


The first portable AIO desktop PC first came to market in 2012 and by next year Intel expects that most AIO desktops will be battery powered units that are highly portable.


Here are a couple images of the Black Brook pAIO that was on display last night.