In Win Ammo 2.5-inch HDD RFID Enclosure

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In Win Ammo Introduction

As the amount of data an average consumer needs to backup continues to grow, some users may find it more convenient to explore external hard drives versus acquiring multiple flash drives in order to accomodate their storage needs.  In order to meet this need, In Win has stepped up to the plate with their Ammo 2.5″ HDD Enclosure.  Since this enclosure does not come with a hard drive, the consumer is free to choose the drive that fits their needs and budget. 

In Win Ammo HDD RFID Enclosure

The In Win Ammo enclosure offers a solution to another major consumer concern: security.  The Ammo comes equiped with an RFID chip and two RFID tags that must be used to unlock the devices security in order to let the enclosed drive be accessible to the operating system. This security method is more than just a gateway as it is actually a hardware level encryption solution. This means once the RFID security is setup, you can not access the data on the drive outside of the enclosure.

In Win Ammo HDD RFID Enclosure

The In Win Ammo came to us securely packed. All of the accessories were neatly contained in a sealed plastic bag on the left side of the package and the Ammo enclosure sat on top of detailed setup instructions on the right side of the container.  With everything secured in the package, In Win has minimized the chances of damage during shipping.

In Win Ammo HDD RFID Enclosure

Here we see the detailed instruction manual that when completely unfolded has detailed instructions on one side, and a full size military target on the other! We found it a nice touch to a military themed product.  Also included is a USB 2.0 A to B cable that has two A connectors for extra power stability. The instructions indicate that you can use both A connectors and even an external power source on the Ammo for drives that require extra power.  There is also a small philips screw driver included for the added convenience when installing the 2.5″ hard drive in the enclosure.  Lastly, there are two RFID tags, one a key chain and the other a dog tag. Both are required when initially setting up the RFID security on the drive, but only one is required to unlock the drive for use.


  • Supports 2.5″ SATA HDD
  • Unique Ammunition Cartridge Design
  • Ultra strong protection with metal material
  • Advanced Antivibration structure
  • RFID Data Encryption
  • Plug & Play and Hot Swap
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • 145 x 86 x 20 mm

It seems In Win thought of everything necessary to prepare the user for the Ammo experience, now let’s get a drive installed!

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