Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro 750GB Portable Hard Drive Review

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Sleek little package

Since Hitachi utilized a 2.5″ 7200 RPM HDD for the Touro Mobile Pro it allowed them to make this a very sleek little package that is only about an inch wider than an iPhone 4 and just a hair thicker at 80mm (W) x 126mm (H) x 15mm (D) and weighing 8oz.

Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro front
The outside of the case is shiny black on the front and back with a silver bezel around the edges. 

Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro back
The back of the drive has a sticker with information about the drive such as 750GB capacity and the S/N.

Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro USB port
On the bottom of the case is the USB 3.0 port which is the only port on the sleek package.

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