Giveaway: ASUS GeForce GTX 980 20th Anniversary Video Card

Legit Reviews has worked with ASUS to bring you a chance to win one of the rarest video cards that can be bought right now, the ASUS GTX 980 20th Anniversary Graphics Card! ASUS let us know that only about 200 GeForce GTX 980 Gold Edition video cards have made it to North America region and one of our readers will be the proud owner of one of those cards. ASUS launched their first discrete graphics card in 1996 and it was based on the S3 Virge/DX GPU. It’s hard to believe that ASUS has been selling video cards for 20 years!

gtx980 gold giveaway

The ASUS GTX 980 20th Anniversary Graphics Card is the fastest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 ever released with an insane 1431MHz GPU boost clock speed! The other features on this card are equally impressive!

ASUS GOLD20TH-GTX980-P-4GD5 Specifications:

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Maxwell GPU with 2048 CUDA Cores
  • 1317 MHz Base / 1431 MHz Boost Clocks
  • 4GB of GDDR5 memory running 7010 MHz
  • DirecCUII GPU Cooler w/ 0dB Fan Technology
  • Memory Defroster For Overclockers Going Below Freezing
  • Safe Mode For One Button VBIOS Reloading
  • DIGI+ VRM with 14-phase Super Alloy Power
  • GPU Tweak Overclocking Software and XSplit Gamecaster Ready


The current price on this beastly card is $699.99 over at Amazon, so someone is going to be very happy when the contest is over. To enter the contest you’ll have to jump through a few hoops, but they aren’t too bad.

1) For starters you’ll have to sign up to subscribe to the ASUS PCDIY website to be eligible. If you aren’t a registered member on ASUS PCDIY you are not eligible to win.

2) Once you have registered on the ASUS PCDIY website you’ll then need to post up your favorite thing about ASUS graphics cards in the comment section on our giveaway news post (the one you are on now). Try to be genuine and let us know your thoughts or memories are for ASUS GPUs.

3) This contest is open to those 18 or older in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom only. Winner will be responsible for any import taxes as well as general taxes or fees.

4) Lastly, enter the contest and then get optional additional entries by using the Lockerdome form below! We’ll be using the randomizer in Lockerdome to pick the winner and then ASUS and Legit Reviews will be confirming that person is a member of ASUS PCDIY and posted a comment on LR.

Complete the action items below to enter to win ASUS GTX 980 20th Anniversary Graphics Card from Legit Reviews!
in LegitReviews’ Polls on LockerDome

The contest will end on May 30th at 9PM ET!

Update – 5/30/2015 at 8:05pm: The contest is over and once Lockerdome does their thing the winner will be announced. We have e-mailed them letting them know the contest is over!

Update – 6/1/2015 at 11:15am: The winner has been announced!  Sorry for the delay, but we had to wait until Monday for all the folks at Lockerdome and ASUS to be at the office! We’ll have a new contest posted up later today.

  • WTG Jerry Lafferty!

  • Chris Knopff

    Grats Jerry

  • Vinh

    Congrats on the win, Jerry!

    • Jerry Lafferty

      Thank you!

  • jpcfix

    The email must have gotten stuck, I keep checking and it’s not there

  • speach

    I remember long before I got into PC building that my dad would always drag me into the PC component store and I would be fascinated with all of the flagship graphics card posters and display models. Asus always had the coolest posters and the most amazing looking coolers on their cards. It was one of the driving factors of me picking up a V8200 GLX for my first PC build. Thankfully the card’s performance was right on par with it’s looks. After that first build, I’ve only ever trusted Asus graphics cards in my PCs and I have never had a single problem. Easily the most reliable, powerful, well designed and durable cards on the market.

  • Arif

    Please its me I need so bad

  • Jerry Lafferty

    Good Luck Folks!

  • Jeff Ward

    Thanks alot facebook for not putting this on my feed until 6 hours after the contest closed…

  • TechPcGamer


  • Bun-Bun

    The Asus DirectcuII cards have the best looking coolers and just feel like higher quality products than any of the other brands.

  • rob t

    Asus has always out performed the competition, hands down! Need I say more?

  • Kevin Allison

    ASUS is what I buy almost exclusively! Their quality is second to none! With the Quality, features, bundled software and price factor ASUS GPU’s are hard to beat!

  • Brandon Brown

    I’ve always liked Asus products. My motherboard is an ASUS M5A97 and my dvd burner is a new ASUS as well.

  • Ruke D


  • Ruke D


  • Kane Esser

    I like Asus Gpus because they are good for everybody. If you want to tweak it or not Asus provides very good and reliable products that are both functional and stylish.

  • Bombolz

    Please 😀

  • Ruke D

    sitting here watching the count down clock. hope I win but good luck to all. 04:40…04:30…04:20

    • Nathan Kirsch

      Good luck to all! I’m doing the same thing! We’ll contact the winner with Lockerdome and arrange shipment of the card hopefully on Monday!

      • Nathan Kirsch

        “Awaiting winner announcement. Come back soon!”

        Let me e-mail lockerdome and see when that will be exactly! Hopefully my contact is checking e-mail this weekend!

      • jordan jensen

        Do you mean using locker dome to contact us or will you email winners?

      • LanceDC


  • Andrew Go

    This thing is a beast, a testament to the company’s dedication in making things perfect!

  • Brent Richardson

    what a sexy card

  • ThePunish_BR

    Man, this card is just clean and powerful! Gold and black is just amazing to look!

  • Matt

    Asus build quality and component selection ensure that I never have to worry that my card is the weak link in a system. Never hurts that they look hardcore in a build.

  • Robert

    0dB fan technology definitely my favorite part of ASUS gpu design after further reflection.

  • Stephen Bagnell

    I had a ASUS 780ti DU2 and it ran so cool for an air cooling card.

  • RezonatedSniper

    They are better for performance

  • 2dfx

    ASUS V3000 AGP!!! Wow, that one brings back memories. That generic PC orange PCB. STMicro before they hit it big with the KyroII. Damn that card brings me back. Always felt like a boss pairing that card with my P2B-F. What a machine. Ran Win95C like a boss.

  • Mordecai Walfish

    My favorite thing about ASUS graphics cards is the DirectCUII GPU cooler which does an exceptional job of cooling the card as well as staying amazingly quiet! I believe this to be a best-in-class cooling solution and about as good as you can get without switching to a liquid cooling system. I also am a fan of ASUS’ DIGI+ VRM method, which has an implementation on my ASUS motherboard also.

    I remember my first ASUS graphics card was a 8800gt, and I’ve been amazed by the performance and durability of their cards ever since. I was so happy with that card that I eventually got a second one and ran them in my first SLI setup. I remember having a problem with that because of the motherboard I had at the time only supporting crossfire/AMD. I researched how/if it was possible to get SLI working once I found that out, and to my delight I searched and found a program called “HyperSLI” which allowed you to use SLI on “crossfire only” motherboards. It worked perfectly and I was elated to be able to fulfill my SLI dreams after they were initially crushed. Battlefield 3 ran like a dream, and I remember cranking up all the graphics options in GTA IV and getting over 50 fps for the first time in that game. PC gaming FTW. Just serves as a reminder that every problem on PC has been encountered by someone out there, and a little google-fu can get you the answer to your problem a good majority of the time.

    Thanks for the contest, Legit Reviews & ASUS!

  • Matthew Peacock

    Face melting 144fps @ 1440p 🙂

  • Kevin Lloyd Dempsey

    I’ve always liked that ASUS has been innovative with their changes from the reference cards and software.

  • blacksnake35

    I love the speed

  • Kyle Huskisson

    Writing this comment looking at an Asus monitor, running an asus graphics card. It’s a brand that lasts and a graphics card that’s freaky fast and sexy!

  • Richard Covarrubias

    Beastly cards with beastly looks.

  • Andrew Richard Sauve

    they run cool!

  • Rick Franks


  • Snakegil

    No surprise. Only best quality, design and performance overall 😉

  • Rick Franks

    To me ASUS means Quality, Reliability, Dependability, Longevity. I look to ASUS first for any of my component needs, and their Graphics line is no exception. One big factor I like is that you don’t need aftermarket solutions, ASUS builds their GPUs for total out-of-box experience.

  • NaughtyMiroku

    This Card Blows my 770 out of the water, it would also Make a nice Addition to my Asus Rampage 4 Extreme MOBO. 😀

  • Love the build quality on the Asus VGA cards 🙂

  • Juancarlos Acevedo

    I’m building my first pc with an Asus x99 deluxe Motherboard pretty excited hopefully I’ll win this to go with my motherboard

  • Joshua Jansen

    This would look fantastic in my nearly silent PC paired with my ASUS motherboard!

  • gamer

    the clock speeds is crazy .2 enough for 4k gaming?

  • Michael van Graafeiland

    Love ASUS 🙂
    Strix, ROG and now GOLD Edition ^_^

  • merlin

    I have used ASUS mother boards for my last several builds and they were all still runnig strong when I upgraded. The previous one to my current build is still running after five years. Its now my sons PC. Their video cards are no different. High quality great performance and cutting edge!

  • Another of my favorite things about Asus GPUs is their backplate designs. They’re so amazing looking! Like the one on their Matrix Platinum GTX 980; easily my favorite one 🙂

  • Nachtgeist

    I’m still using the Asus motherboard I bought in 2009, with an Asus Blu-ray recordable drive I got later on. “Powered by Asus” sticker on the case. Not because I’m a “brand loyalist”, I just buy the best quality pc components I can for the price. Most likely my next video card purchase will be an Asus, for that reason.

  • James

    3 times quieter than reference.

  • anuk

    “Rock Solid. Heart Touching” as simple as that.

  • Luka

    🙁 🙁 North America only 🙁

  • Steven

    Asus runs all of my computers. Quality products that are reliable. Nothing but the best. From easy installation to lasting results, asus gets the job done.

  • I have never had an Asus product fail in my PC….period….

  • BeluskoPJ

    Gold !

  • Silarey

    It just looks so good! Plus Asus is more reliable than reference.

  • Mallenwho

    simple elagant design

  • Stryker4526

    ASUS has always provided me with high quality computer components and this card doesn’t look to be any exception.

  • Jerry Lafferty

    One of my favorite things about ASUS card is the innovation, always coming up with some really great ideas and cool stuff, Just awesomeness!

  • luis

    Asus means quality. When I see a bunch of cards it’s easy for me to go with the Asus one. Why, simple, I know that whatever card it is, either a reference model or a custom one, Asus WILL deliver the quality not to mention the warranty to back up their products.

  • I love how powerful asus cards are. They are awesome!

  • BigDerf

    Asus Quality Too Stronk

  • Kyle LeRoy Graeser

    Nothing but ASUS.

  • DeMoB

    I’ve always loved the design on Asus products, and the Direct CUII coolers are one of the best non-reference for cool and quiet!

  • Daniel B

    I <3 Asus

  • Jonathan S

    Love the 0db fan design!

  • Richard Gomez

    Im looking to build a new pc, i’ve had the same one for about 4 years now. This card would be a friggin God Send, considering i probably wouldn’t be able to afford it. Plus it’s gold!!! What’s not to like?

  • Jay

    Thanks for running this, got my first Asus card back in I think 2000 was a

    apgv3200 voodoo banshee, cost me 200 pounds, replaced a voodoo 1 card that had to have a 2d card to work with it, been buying asus ever since.

  • Joao Lopes

    Asus gpus are the way to go if you want a simple and elegant solution that is better then the reference coolers. I’ve always loves the look of an Asus GPU, being the 760 Mars and the 760 4gb Striker the ones that completely blew my socks off! Love the new Strix desing and hope I can one day have a card that looks as awesome as these in my rig!

  • BigI3en

    if ASUS rep is anything to go by i think this card outclasses and will outclass many more cards in years to come

  • randy

    ASUS products undergo intensive quality control testing and inspections

  • Nathan

    I love Asus graphics cards ! They do what I need them to , with the reliably you expect from Asus

  • Etienne Boutet boucher

    well there soo many tings i like about this card but if i have to say few i will say: high oc out of the box and elegent color sheme…

  • Aquatik Justice

    You can NEVER go wrong with an ASUS product. They are reliable, high quality products with an amazing customer support team backing them up.

  • Travatar

    Cant be beat. Since my first ROG 9800 GT. ive never looked back. love the quality and reliability.. and they look so dang good !

  • Travatar

    Love the unique design and bullet proof quality that many others try to imitate. Hands down my preferred choice. my first was a 9800 GTX. never looked back since.

  • scou11

    Asus cards outlast any other card I’ve had, making them my go to for graphics cards.

  • Arcade Capture

    Man this card looks amazing!! ASUS FTW!!!!

  • Jack

    To be honest, I don’t have a favorite thing about ASUS GPUs because I’ve never used one before. So I guess the best thing would be that they’re made by ASUS – always quality stuff from them (I know from experience about the mobos) and I would LOVE a chance to throw one of these awesome bad boys in a rig.

  • g_vino

    I’ve always had great experiences with Asus products. I don’t have the money for new stuff as I need the money for food/school/etc.

  • What a cool looking card. Need something that runs cold and quiet and also – wow… isn’t it amazing how far things have come in 20 years!

  • Okan


  • Matthew Awai

    Personally I like how gtx cards have a higher number than radeon cards, (I know it’s a stupid reason and has nothing to do with specs) but I get a certain feeling of being better xD.

  • Antonio Grande

    The colors are epic.

  • Logan Konopatzke

    love you asus. i have tons of your products

  • Logan Konopatzke

    i have a really bad gtx 295. trying to win a better one

  • Derick Magnusen

    Asus has always been my go to choice for GPUs. The Matrix series has been my favorite non-ref card over the years and I would love to give this bad ass a card a try.

  • Sarnia_Surfer

    I have an ASUS Router and love it. I’m sure this video card is just as awesome.

  • Joe Retherford

    The new 0db really makes this an awesome HTPC / gaming rig in 1 box – I’m definitely interested in this!

  • Jay Tripp

    I used to be an EVGA customer, because I liked their warranty. But after having to use it so many times I decided to give ASUS brand cards a try. I’ve never had an issue with having to use the ASUS warranty because their products just work. Those are the type of things that will keep me coming back to ASUS.

  • Nebi

    Asus cards cards have a really awesome cooler!

  • Michael Bryce

    Asus is gold, I did a custom paint job on a Asus gtx670 fan shroud it looked mint with the red stripes

  • Kevin Laframboise

    The Asus GTX 770 DirectCU II was the first video card I ever bought and when I took it out of the box, I was impressed by the looks of it. I was even more impressed when I put in my PC, ramped up the clock speed and saw the great temps!

  • Seth Phillips

    Asus is a great company with reliable products

  • Matthew Connell

    Always been a fan of Asus hardware. Well designed, solid pieces of equipment that look as good as they run

  • Caleb Hiebert

    They jam some serious power, into their serious hardware.

  • Robert Potter

    Asus customer service if anything goes wrong heaven forbid

  • frak

    I like the GPU Tweak. Made it easy for a some what newb like me to oc Asus cards.

  • mlong128ir

    Love their 0db fans and overall build quality.

  • Frakattack

    I just love the word “ASUS.” It rolls off the tongue.

  • Terri Weber

    I like the speed

  • Asd

    My first custom build used a GTX 660. I still love it!

  • Jerome Clemente

    I love the cooler design! Looks like a stealth fighter!!!

  • Jon Davis

    Bought an Asus card to replace my ageing Radeon, and it’s given my PC a whole new lease of life 🙂

  • Ryan Michael Etzel

    90% of my cards have come from ASUS, always impressed with the cooling and performance. Will always be a buyer from ASUS in the future.

  • Gamer

    Love the ASUS GeForce GTX 980 20th Anniversary. Looks and performs like a world class super car!

  • Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed

    it has the smell of bananas!
    at least I tried 😛

  • Kimmell Frost Charles

    Build quality and design

  • Josiah Rizko

    New to the PC Master Race but have known about ASUS my whole life. When I looked at building my rig, ASUS was the first brand I looked at and along with a sweet boxing day sale, got home with a brand new Direct CU 2 R9 290X. Best purchase ever. Beautiful card, amazing quality. I couldn’t be happier… well I could with this sexy gold beast in my case.

  • Jacob Gantz

    Love the back plate and colored I/O

  • cellardoorseven

    I’ve never had an ASUS card die on me. It’s easily the most reliable brand out there and I’ve preferred their products for years.

  • Brenden Chase

    Certainly my favorite thing is the look of this card.

  • Jake Sledge

    ASUS has provided me with amazing NR cards for great overclocking that look great and function eccelently. I have built multiple computers for my friends and others using ASUS and I simply love their cards.

  • brook weber

    looks amazing

  • Tom.Slick

    I just like the ASUS designs in general.

  • Snapoladdict

    Quiet, Efficient, Looks cool. Overall best GPUs I have ever used are ASUS.

  • neoarch

    Asus and Gold, sign me in

  • Jeremy Mumm

    I never had a video card made by ASUS but I have been using many of there other products for years. Some are a hit and some are a miss but they usually some of the top end stuff.

  • Alex Boyd

    So in honest terms I have always been a fan of Asus. I have owned two transformer tablets, and several ROG products and video cards have definitely been one of the better experiences I have had with Asus. I actually found that when it came time to upgrade, the products I currently owned would resell at a good value in comparison to other brands, and they maintained solid performance and reliability over the course of ownership. I’ve had products that fail, and I’ve had Asus products last, and it’s always been a great experience to have something to hold up to time and keep my adventures going! Thank you guys!

  • Ahmad


  • Matt Nicpon

    My first Asus GPU was a 7600GTS and I was so excited when i got it. It was quiet and It ran all my games at that time near flawlessly.

  • Pier-Luc Arel

    I juste trust the Asus product when its time to choose part for a pc, because of their awesome quality and beautiful design !!

  • Hau Tang

    Asus and only Asus graphic card

  • Spyui

    Asus graphic Card

  • Labinshlabin

    My favorite thing has to be how powerful it is, power and quality always come first, looks come second

  • Ciel_Diablo

    Asus > Competitors

  • beastrow

    Love the idea of the dust free fans. My fans get clogged up so easily in my house, (multiple cat syndrome!) and something like that is a god send.

  • Weevilone

    I appreciate the cooling aspects of the non-reference cards, as I like to keep things quiet!

  • Myron

    My most favorite thing about Asus GPUs is knowing the quality I’m getting in the product I’m buying.

  • Anthony DEROY

    The color. The power. The silence. Everything.

  • Radite Pramudito

    Their GPU Tweak Streaming tool that allows users to share the action on the screen via the internet in real time, so that other gamers can witness firsthand the course of the game. GPU Tweak Streaming is also possible to add a title, scrolling text, picture and webcam image in the streaming window.

  • Der Einzigwahre

    ASUS GPU’s are almost a Gold standard.

  • Karl Kareem

    I’ve always loved a Nvidia and asus, but found it quite expensive for the extra premium package that they deliver, thus i have always been forced to buy amd usually MSI. i would probably build a golden themed pc if i got this, water cool it in luminous black and get everything golden

  • Arif

    20th Anniversary so my age 20 oke I get it 😉

  • Andrey Filkin

    Excellent card!

  • Caleb Faulkner

    ASUS has always been my favorite manufacturer of everything. I have never had the pleasure of getting their GPUs, but I have had their mobos, laptops, and I’m getting the Zenfone 2 soon! I recommend them to my friends and family always when shopping for laptops or products. They always come to me for advice and they say things like “Acer or ASUS?” “HP or ASUS?” and it’s always “ASUS 100”. I’ve been a long time supporter of ASUS since I was little and my dad had an ASUS card in his PC build. When I was shopping for the GPU in my build I searched long and hard and went over the ASUS cards many times but ultimately had to settle with a non-ASUS card based on price alone (I ran out of money). This card would take my build to a whole other level, and I would be the happiest man alive in the PC world.

    TL;DR: ASUS has always been my favorite, and always will be. I will always tell everyone I know to drop the competition and go ASUS.

  • VSG


  • ChangWizzle

    Always been a fan of Asus parts. Best combination of Form and Function.

  • Hudson Bradshaw

    I’ve gone from the GTS 550 to 660 to the 770. Skipped the 800 series and would now love a 900 series because of the exclusives it offers – mainly PhysX – the use of it in Mirror’s Edge is something I’ll never forget. I started out with MSI but had many issues – heating, loud (and loose!) fans, and terrible aesthetics. Since I switched to ASUS for the 660 I’ve never looked back. They practically beg to be overclocked with their superior cooling and they look good while doing so! The 0dB fan would be perfect in my silence optimized H440 case too!

  • Sandy Bruce

    multi monitor support at higher res

  • Bryan Rice

    ASUS quality and style always look amazing!

  • Asus makes up my rig~

  • Hudson Bradshaw

    I’ve gone from the GTS 550 to 660 to the 770. Skipped the 800 series and would now love a 900 series because of the exclusives it offers – mainly PhysX. I started out with MSI but had many issues. Since I switched to ASUS for the 660 I’ve never looked back. They practically beg to be overclocked with their superior cooling and they look good while doing so! The 0dB fan would be perfect in my silence optimized H440 case too!

  • DoctorT

    Great quality!

  • Haag

    Because ASUS let me go 60 fps all the way, and i add that my first graphics card was a asus gtx 470!

  • Chris Kelly

    I love the Gold look of it and the dual fans will keep it really cool. and “The Fastest GTX 980”

  • Jack Watson

    That cooler though :O

  • Dino

    Asus cards look sleek

  • Karan Gill

    Memory Defroster

  • jcadigital

    My favorite thing would have to be the GPU Cooler w/ 0dB Fan Technology. No sound is quite a feat. Good luck everyone.

  • omgspoon

    always liked my asus products

  • William Kwok

    I like that it’s made my Asus, which is a brand I trust.

  • Erwin Thierry Klein Haneveld

    nothing beats asus , qualtity build and the golden looks fit a Asus Deluxe Z97 board any day.

  • John Smith

    ASUS’ design language always draws me to their hardware, but the biggest reason I’d love a GTX 980 20th Anniversary Edition is definitely the longevity I could squeeze out of a part like that.

  • Heriberto Gomez

    its missing = Ti

  • Gerwich

    I’ve never owned an ASUS video card, but I’ve heard they’re darn good, and run very quiet, which is something that definitely puts them in the running for my next video card.

  • Javier

    asus always opt for quality and service they offer is unique.
    Love asus

  • matthew Ortiz

    I love asus because they offer complete durabillity and straight on power, no gimmiks like other brands where they offer u things other motherboards like asus already have… its just dumb how great asus products are, excellent warranty service and the best top line professional products including their gpu’s… from what i heard the 20th anniversary is the most powerful 980 gpu out there and thats impressive !!! and if you think you deserve the best in the world then you definitely want this card!!!

  • Paul M. Miller

    I love ASUS MBs and AIBs.

  • Todd Johnson

    The cards are just plain awesome

  • CorteXodus

    I’ve always really liked the non-reference cooler designs that Asus puts out. However, I’ve yet to own one.

  • Nurpp

    it’s made of goooooold!

  • Devin P.

    I like the ASUS GTX 980 just based on the fact that it is a NVIDIA card, and its a 980.

  • Blake Joyce

    I have a 570 GTX from ASUS and the GPU is studly! Although graphical complexity and output of games is increasing yearly, this card holds its own. It’s great with overclocking also might I add. It’s ability to overclock effectively has let me stay in the game for a lot longer than I should be lol.

  • Charles Wang

    I admit I have limited experience having only had 2-3 video cards, but my current one is from ASUS and has lasted me a long time (not to mention the other ASUS hardware I’ve invested in). As such, I am inclined to believe in the quality of the product. Quality and reliability would be my favorites.

  • Strider

    How did I miss this? Love me some ASUS hardware. They make such great products IMHO. That’s one sexy looking GPU. =)

  • Jimmy Chan

    Asus is the only non reference cars I will buy because EKWB always make waterblocks for them

  • papajohnny

    I like how quiet and cool it runs

  • Jacob Gardner

    I love the design of ASUS cards. They are clean and look really nice compared to other companies and reference cards.

  • Jo0nyer

    Asus is reliable in the computer hardware department and I’ve bought Asus components for years. Would love to upgrade my graphics card to this beauty.

  • Doug T

    ASUS always pushes the limits when it comes to performance and
    reliability. They consistently create great products that are tailored
    for the enthusiast, as well as for the general consumer. ASUS graphics
    cards can be trusted equally as their outstanding motherboards to bring excellent performance to the table!
    Thanks, ASUS, for bringing technologically advanced products to us, the

  • Tim V

    The ASUS products I’ve had have all been reliable.

    • jtleon

      My 1st ASUS was 7600GT Silent AGP – I still have it – a fabulous home theater card even now. My latest ASUS is GTX750TI 2Gb OC. All have been outstanding quality, with no problems ever – even in the desert heat !

  • Andrew John Pharris

    has a nice design and Asus is what most of my parts are so why not match some more up ^^

  • Francis Scardino

    Love the Direct CU coolers. Good temps, low noise and excellent power. Best combination. Rock on Asus.

  • Ian

    ASUS is the best company for mobos, and they’re also my go-to company for video cards, AND sound cards. I don’t think there’s anything they don’t do right. My favorite thing about their video cards is that they always start out with great clock speeds, even before OC’ing, not to mention that none of the ASUS cards I’ve bought have been bad OC’ers, and even the stock coolers on them have never been an issue. Great company all around.

  • Travis Souders

    Love ASUS. This card is obviously a beast — and not to mention it would match perfectly with the ASUS Z97-E I have! #allgoldeverything

  • Clayton A Dumont

    asus has always made quality products, been digging the gpu since they made those, wish they’d make more

  • Zach B.

    Spec wise the card is amazing, but the design and color choice take it to another level! The added benefits of ASUS are of course the software like GPU Tweak that add a little extra spice to their products, one of the reasons I mainly choose them as my preferred choice in motherboard manufactures!

  • h00t

    I’m entering cause I’ve never actually had an ASUS GC. This would be a nice starter. lol

  • TumultuousT

    Asus cards always have a sleek but sick style to them.

  • Garet Jax

    I can remember getting my first ASUS motherboard and pairing it with an ASUS GTX 580. One of the most stable gaming platforms I ever had. Pretty awesome that both LR and ASUS are putting on this giveaway. Thanks to both!

  • stereo55

    Working on a new build with GTX980 being on my list . This Asus looks darn cool , visually and specs wise .

  • owned66

    the great design

  • VbeltDRG

    I’m always impressed by Asus products in general and their ability to perform at top levels while looking good and lasting a long time.

  • Martin Brideau

    My favorite thing about ASUS graphics card is the quality of the card and the look they have 🙂

  • Jamie C

    My Asus Mobo and card’s have allowed far more stability then any previous system I have had previously. This card looks like it would be a great upgrade.

  • Clinton Elmore

    My first custom PC was built on an Asus motherboard and since then I’ve always relied on Asus for performance and stability; their video cards are no exception.

  • Jonathan Geiger

    I built a gaming PC as a kid. But when I went off to college, it was laptopville for me for a few years. When I finally got a desktop again, it had an Asus 8500GT. It wasn’t much, but it helped get me back into PC gaming. 🙂

  • Clinton Elmore

    My first custom PC was built on an Asus motherboard and since then I’ve always relied on Asus for performance and stability; their video cards are no exception.

  • Ruke D

    I wouldn’t have entered the contest if it was anything else but ASUS built

  • DJ Tucker

    love the cooler design and the cooler of asus rog. but tis gold design will sit pretty nice with my asrock extreme 6 gold and black 🙂

  • Josh Stiller

    Asus is the name for High Quality.

  • Sopea San


  • Ebon

    I’m loving the color scheme.

  • Nathan

    The favorite and most important part to me is the gpu tweaking ability

  • Lance Lund

    rock solid performance is 1 big thing that stands out for Asus video cards

  • Magnus

    Their overall quality, of course.

  • Eli

    Asus has the power that I’m looking for. I want a fast gaming PC and this is just what I need!

  • Anes Palic

    When I read the timeline they created on their website, I discovered how much cards enhanced so quickly and you can see that they’re proud to show it off, especially the 20th anniversary GTX 980. Guess what, Im also proud of them – adding 0db fan technology and even a memory defroster, I am excited for the future of Asus’s graphics cards – but for now, lets enjoy this moment and cherish this limited edition GTX 980!!

  • Jason

    One of the best graphics cards right here. The speed, the cores, the design. All fantastic and it looks beautiful.

  • Spideynn

    My favorite thing about the ASUS cards is that they look cool, and also work really well!

  • Scott

    I’ve only ever owned Asus cards as in my opinion you can’t beat them; I’ve never had one stop working on me. I’m currently running an Asus GTX 560 Ti so I’m well overdue an upgrade and when I do I’ll definitely go for another Asus card!

  • DBGT

    praise the ASUS!

  • Red_Owl

    If you build a PC you better make sure you included the ASUS GPU cause those ones are Crazy. They always make the best GPU for OC-ing, Best Tweaking softwares and they never Overheat. Atleast that’s how i remember the Asus GPUs.

  • kristenhendricks

    My favorite thing about the ASUS Graphic Cards is that they come with 0dB fan technology and Memory Defroster.

  • Jenna Gossett

    DirecCUII GPU Cooler w/ 0dB Fan Technology

  • Toby Ho

    Running the Asus gtx 970 now! Runs cool and quiet, and the quality is top notch!

  • Nikko Esplana

    Asus has been reliable and supports enthusiasts who overclock.

  • Curt

    Asus have a clean design on their coolers, making it look nice in any build in my opinion.

  • That gold trim though

  • Another of my favorite Asus GPUs is their ASUS TURBO-GTX970-OC-4GD5 reference card. It’s such an amazing looking card, one of the best designs ever 🙂

  • Mary Songer

    I need the ASUS GTX 980 20th Anniversary Graphics Card because I’ve been deprived of any kind of processor speed for so long that when I talk about my current processor I can’t use words like speed or fast. Words like snail or sloth-like are more appropriate.

  • Ruke D

    Asus always looks so good in my case

  • rajee

    Memory Defroster

  • Jacob Gantz

    This card is still gorgeous, and that out of box OC is great.

  • Buddy Garrett

    I like the Memory Defroster.

  • Andrew

    Never had a ASUS GPU, but heard really good things about it

  • Angela Ivey

    Ive never had a graphics card but I have heard wonderful things about this one!!

  • Jerry Lafferty

    Non reference design

  • Jabari Khamisi Williams

    Asus is the #1 company in my books

  • Eli

    Asus is awesome

  • Gr

    Ill be honest im not a huge asus fan but this card looks amazing. I would love to upgrade from my gtx760 To this beautiful beast

  • Robert Haddad

    DirecCUII GPU Cooler w/ 0dB Fan Technology…love the passive mode feature!

  • gamitech

    Gold edition !! Nough said !

  • Joshua Johns

    fast quiet and stable it should be asus’s motto because thats how their products work

  • H4WKE

    Asus graphics cards look amazing!

  • Victor Flores

    can’t deny asus is the best. their quality rules

  • Venokris

    I’ve yet to have a problem with an Asus product. The same cannot be said about EVGA, GIGABYTE or Corsair that I’ve used in the past. Corsair comes close, but I’m surprised that Asus QC is so good!

  • Anes Palic

    This card is tremendously perfect and is the best looking card Ive ever seen! Perfect to find in my new Define R5 White. Still don’t know what I’m calling the system if I win the card. Good luck to everyone out there too!

  • Jenna Gossett

    Safe Mode For One Button VBIOS Reloading

  • Richard Cook

    the best thing about ASUS components is that they just work and work and work.

  • William Kwok

    i like the double fans

  • Another of my favorite things about Asus GPU’s is their GPU Tweak software. I love how it can be used for both AMD and Nvidia cards and I found it really easy to use.

  • I like the fact that the fan shuts off when idling

  • Jerry Lafferty

    Still cant gert the app to work on twitter even though it is approved. Cant get my 25 credits

  • Jerry Lafferty

    ASUS cards are always BEAST!

  • David Romero

    This Card looks great and with great spec… do wish it was more afforalbe

  • Venokris

    I wonder how much quieter my system would be with this. Current card is definitely the loudest part!

  • Spideynn

    This looks amazing… :O

  • RD

    My first motherboard was an Asus as was my first graphics card. My favorite thing about Asus cards are the amazing aftermarket coolers and pcb’s. Asus never fails at innovation.

  • Logan MacLeod

    Favourite thing about Asus cards is probably the clock speeds, these things can be damn monsters (Also they look pretty damn cool).

  • Lionel Hibbs

    Asus is one of the first hardware manufacturers that really stood out for quality components. Glad to see them still successful after all these years!

  • Dillus

    The GPUs run cooler and look way cooler, they are just all around cooler!

  • Ian Williams

    asus makes some pretty dang good motherboards too.

  • Curt

    Asus cards have been an excellent choice for a gpu due to its great aftermarket heatsinks.

  • Angelo

    They’re more reliable than the other GPUs I’ve purchased

  • eddiex

    I love that it is made by a brand that I can trust and depend on.

  • Jacob Gantz

    Oh man that color scheme…hnng

  • mark kouba

    To be honest my asus gtx580 back in the day sucked had some sort of manufacturing defect that apparently was common and it died relatively fast. My current asus gtx780 has been excellent. it is definitely showing its age, but has gotten me through more titles than I can count. My keys are always performance and longevity in a product and my current one has definitely hit both of those.

  • Zari Palomares

    4GB of GDDR5 memory running 7010

  • turixant

    Quality and endurance!

  • Andreas Niggemann

    DIGI+ VRM Super Alloy Power-Technology. Enough power to handle the beast !!

  • I love that it’s Gooooooold!

  • Daniel T

    The cooling design is my favorite

  • ThomasBDX

    Love that the fan is off at idle and low use.

  • Robert Haddad

    1317 MHz Base sounds amazing

  • 1337

    I enjoy the semi passive design of my ASUS 970 strix, completely silent under low load / idle.

  • xxGriff

    Some nice design aesthetics. nice software, and warranty.

  • Achrmaeiad

    ASUS is an amazing component creator. Build quality for their GPUs and other components is always superb and you really can’t go wrong getting ASUS. I always recommend their components and computers to my friends and family.

  • 1317 MHz Base / 1431 MHz Boost Clocks. I also love ASUS products

  • Peter Rogala

    I likes that all the new Strix Series of gaming graphic cards feature Direct Cu cooling, to keep the temps in check and quiet while gaming.

  • objektiv_one

    Love how quiet my STRIX is.

  • Chemy

    It’s Asus, that’s one of the best features! Asus make the best.

  • rajee

    RAM Defroster XD

  • Ruke D

    ASUS GPU Tweak is user friendly

  • Eduard Klaus

    ASUS is just quality

  • Joshua Johns

    amazing company

  • Jake

    Asus cards have good aftermarket coolers allowing them to have nice hefty overclocks! Some asus aftermarket coolers are silent as well so you dont need earmuffs for bf4.

  • lala

    Memory Defroster!!!!????!!! Seriously!?

  • lala

    I want this! The GeForce GTX 980 Gold Edition video card is the best and I like to have the best! “4GB of GDDR5 memory running 7010 MHz”

  • ahsu149

    Saw several of Asus’ products announced at the Computex press conference at the Mandarin Oriental in Taipei yesterday, and I can only say that Asus definitely continues to lead the pack. I’ve never trusted another brand more for its ability to deliver powerful and high quality technology. Proud to share the same flag as Asus

    • ahsu149

      Forgot to mention, the card was there as well. A real beauty

  • Guilherme Oliveira

    4GB of GDDR5 memory running 7010 MHz!

  • Brian Suarez

    Asus always makes incredible, high performance, and aesthetically pleasing graphics cards. Would recommend 11/10

  • Venokris

    This card has such awesome specs and looks so cool. I swear i get more excited about the hardware to play games than the games themselves!

  • Jenna Gossett

    4GB of GDDR5 memory running 7010 MHz

  • Will Figueroa

    I’m a big fan of Asus. I built my first rig last year with an Asus Maximus VI Impact as well as an Asus PB298Q and have been really impressed so far. I can’t speak for Asus GPU’s but I would be very proud to add the Gold GTX980 to my team. Congrats on the 20 years!!!

  • Marco Cosby

    When I recently put together my first computer, I was nervous about finding the right graphics card. I needed to get the most bang for my budget. I went with the ASUS GTX 750 and have been relieved and delighted to have a component that stands up to my expectations and well beyond.

  • Will Figueroa

    I’m a big fan of Asus. I built my first rig last year with an Asus Maximus VI Impact as well as an Asus PB298Q and have been really impressed so far. I can’t speak for Asus GPU’s but I would be very proud to add the Gold GTX980 to my team. Congrats on the 20 years!!!

  • Patrick O’Keefe

    I think Asus graphics cards are the best looking. I have built a few gaming systems for friends and always recommend Asus cards for their beautiful craftsmanship and stellar performance.

  • Another of my favorite things about Asus GPUs is their build quality and how they always make a point about using very high lifespan capacitors in their cards.

  • PaperScarecrow

    Love the looks of the Asus cards, the specs are pretty great as well.
    I haven’t owned many Nvidia products, but the ones I have owned have been solid.

  • William Mueller

    Beautiful looking card.


    I love them because they’re powerful and quiet. Havent had any complaints yet on my first build.

  • Love the ease of SLI configurations.

  • Jerry Lafferty

    When you go ASUS you know you’re going quality.

  • Overkilled

    Let’s be honest ASUS sucks
    So everyone in the comments needs to stop sucking up because your card will be obsolete once the ti comes out

  • Lee DeFrancesco

    Awesome card.
    I can not wait till I get my hands on it!!

  • Bjorn Jonsson

    Asus cards (of which I’ve owned the Gtx560 Ti and the Gtx970) have been the best Graphic Cards I’ve owned. They run quiet but still delivered on the graphical end.
    My Gtx560 survived through quite a few short circuits as I once lived in an apartment with horrible wiring…

  • Steven Aldridge

    ASUS has always been my go to for quality enthusiast hardware. The GPU in my very first PC build was an ASUS 5870 and it served me well for many years. This graphics card looks like something else, that boost clock is amazing.

  • Arthur Ling

    Noise level (low), color schemes and performance make this a goto device in the PC arsenal…nice job ASUS.

  • Talon6713

    I must say, I’ve owned a 660 for a few years, and it’s the best I can do with my limited budget. It’s been one of the best investments for my pc.

  • Smurfman256

    Dat gold coloring…would go great with my Z87 Pro mobo.

  • QTPie

    My last two ASUS graphic cards are still going strong! They are a pair GTX 760s and they rock. I can’t afford to really go newer than that but they are still beasts. ASUS makes quality products at a price I can afford. The specs for GTX 980 are so awesome it makes me wet. Praying one day I can get my hands on one.

  • Phil

    I love their support website with tailored drivers for the GPUs.

  • William Kwok

    i like that it’s gold colored!

  • Anna

    Need this bad. Love the quietness and graphics of this card.

  • Robert Haddad

    With this speed and power any game should be a breeze

  • Fade

    I have owned an ASUS GTX 660 and just like the other products ASUS sells; it was well worth it.

  • Brandon Trent

    I love asus video cards because they are quiet and powerful. I have an asus card now and I absolutely love it. The card stays so much cooler then my old Evga.

  • Kougar

    My favorite thing about ASUS graphics cards would be the style & finish.

  • ranhalt

    I deploy Asus cards at work and have not had a single problem. Provided drivers and stock drivers always work. Great products all around.

  • eddiex

    It is very pretty.

  • Irongrave

    Wow. This card looks like such a beast. I’ve never owned an ASUS graphics card before, but I have been eyeballing the 970s… and this thing looks amazing. Would love to own one.

  • Gold is an under-represented color in the PC world so the ASUS GTX 980 is a nice change.

  • Slimsilly

    Excellent card by its view with many capabilities, good job asus.

  • Commander Keen

    asus takes care of me, asus cares

  • Matthew Liu

    The looks always blow me out of the water and the features are just downright amazing. I have not owned an asus card before but the next time I buy a graphics card, it will be asus!!!

  • I currently have a much older card and I cant say enough about it. I’m currently running a GTX 570 but even as old as it is by tech standards it runs smooth, providing me with crisp clear graphics. With the right settings even in games that can be a PIA with graphics like DayZ Standalone I can still pull off great FPS with little drops. This card has provided me with hundreds of hours of gaming without any issues. The longevity of this cards has been put to the test and passed. ASUS cards are by far the way to go.

    • Overkilled

      You and I both know your 570 can’t run shit!

  • Viktor Tkachuk

    I have never had a pleasure of having any kind of card with aftermarket cooling solution, it would be nice to have something that runs quietly as my jet engine is kinda annoying :/
    Looking into designs, ASUS cards give me a sense of power, and who doesn’t want their hardware to look powerful.
    It would be nice to win this card due to need of extra VRam which my GPU is lacking as well as horsepower, I am starting to struggle to run games at 1080p with stable 60fps, and even though this might be a bit of a overkill for 1080p, at least it will last me good amount of time without a need to upgrade. And after it’s usefulness runs out, with this design I will make sure it’s on display 🙂

  • psychok9

    I’m from Italy/Europe, can I enter on the contest paying eventually import taxes?

  • Ruke D

    Asus > refrence

    • Jake

      We all know that’s not true!

      • Ruke D

        yes yes we do

    • staticfx

      Any Non Reference > Reference lol

  • Jacob Newton

    I’ve always bought ASUS, their custom PCB, heatsink, drivers, but most of all their QUALITY. Their motherboards are matched by no other company!! From the early days of AMD’s Thunderbird’s first 1 Ghz processor in my Asus board, right up to my Sabertooth 990fx, Asus all the way!

  • Chemy

    Asus has been a brand in my life from the beginning, even when everybody though it was a cheap (MB) brand, So I tried a lot of card from different brands and Asus always was better, the ROG is famous for being the top of the line for all brands and I like that for the Anniversary Edition they took the actually fastest video Card to make it special

  • Eli

    ASUS has always released high quality products so I can only imagine that their gpus live up to that same quality.

  • Jason Mesler

    Over the years, I have built many Frankenstein PCs and ASUS hardware always outlasts any other brand of hardware I use in my rigs. So, I would have to say my favorite thing about any ASUS product is quality.

  • Patrick

    I have had two graphics cards in my life. An EVGA 750 ti, which came with the PC and an Asus gtx 660, which I replaced it with. I love the ASUS is so much quieter, and the colour scheme looks cooler too in my build. I also love the ASUS support because I had issues with the card and unlike every other company, the people on the other end were actually helpful, and told me how to fix the issue. That being said, I am in DESPERATE need of an upgrade so that I can play GTA V and Witcher 3 in 4k with like 60fps, instead of my current 30fps at 720p. So please, please, pick me!

    • Jake

      You need 4 of these cards for witcher 3 60fps 4k. This card can only get 76fps average in 1080p. Witcher 3 is a gpu hungry game!

      • tom jones

        Hopefully that will change over time as CD Project Red has more time to optimize a game.

  • Sergeant Enigma

    Bought an ASUS 7970 over three years ago and it’s still one of the most powerful cards I’ve ever had. Even with how fast PC technology continues to improve, I can still run the most current games with ease. ASUS continues to bring the top of the line GPU performances with quality that lasts.

    Happy 20th!

  • Robert Nino

    Honestly this beast of a card could pump out more than my old laptop can muster. but if we’re being completely honest the asthetics of the gold trim would have to be my “Favorite” thing. One sexy beast of a gpu. It would be an ideal choice for my pc build.

  • Daniel Balmores

    They always take a good thing and make it better. Plus, they’re pretty… like me.

  • Alex Ocneanu

    The build quality is great.

  • Kim

    Memory Defroster

  • Mike

    I’ve owned Asus motherboards exclusively since my first Pentium, so it made sense to match them with Asus graphics cards. I’ve been on the red team most of that time, but now I’m the proud owner of an Nvidia Shield Tablet, so I’ve been thinking of going green. This card will look fantastic on my Sabertooth!!!

  • Rolando Jauregui

    its beautiful!!!! its asus! and goooooold=D

  • John Henry

    Last couple cards have been Asus products after a number of other videocards crapping out on me — been Asus ever since.

  • LanceDC

    With Asus graphics card you can always depend on quality and speed. With each and every card you purchase from them.

  • Anes Palic

    Like I mentioned before, this card is one hellova beast! Asus always releases rare and unique cards which makes them a special GPU manufacturer. But this card is more than special, its the legendary 20th Anniversary Edition GTX 980, simply that!

  • Cody Logston

    I would say the two best things are the stunning look of this edition and the brand name of ASUS that you get with it as well. The End

  • Cody Logston

    I would say the two best things are the stunning look of this edition and the brand dame of ASUS that you get with it as well. The End

  • Venokris

    Asus always innovating to push the limits on hardware!

  • Alec Gordon

    ASUS makes very reliable products that last, so it would be awesome to use an ASUS GTX 980!

  • Jack Catan

    I love the design of the card

  • Doreen

    To be honest I do not know a lot about computer hardware. Five years ago I had my fiance design my computer for me with the best that ASUS had to offer. I have never had a problem and I am so pleased with the way my pc runs. It is amazing. I am a big gamer and the graphics are excellent. I will never use any other hardware but ASUS. I recommended it to all my family and friends and will continue to do so. Thank you for giving me this amazing experience!

  • Rick Rice

    As someone that has used Asus products since the 90’s you can’t go wrong with Asus graphics cards or any Asus product.

  • Fastest GTX 980 and OC’d as well. Who can beat that?

  • Henrique Oliveira

    Quiet, powerful and lots of room to overclock!

  • Purpelpaeaz

    Looks great, it’s one of the only gold themed cards

  • Sean

    Quiet and powerful. Stuck with the 7770 GHz for nearly 2 years now and it still runs everything I need

  • Austin Justice

    Best performance paired with the best aesthetics always allows for the best build, thanks to ASUS. This card would be perfect for my next one!

  • Jenna Gossett

    It’s fast!

  • Juan

    I love the quality and consistent performance from Asus products. I own 2 monitors, a wireless router, transformer pad, 2 Nexus tablets, and a strix 980. Never had issues.

  • powerful, reliable, quiet, look nice

  • Mark Badel

    First time I ever used ASUS was a few years back when I accidentally dropped what at the time was my favorite MSI graphics card (Thank you so much gravity for helping me switch over to the good side). My friend had recommended an ASUS graphics card and I gave it a try, super happy with it (and I haven’t dropped it yet!) But I’m long time due an upgrade so this would be a super awesome to get especially since it’ll be from my favorite company ( I use an ASUS p9x79 Pro Mobo and I have an ASUS VG248QE monitor and I love them). Also glad to hear that this is the 20th anniversary of ASUS graphics card!

  • Jessica H.

    It was my first card I ever bought for my first custom build and it was extremely reliable and played a big role in my career choice.

  • Super Alloy Power

  • Eli

    I have never had an ASUS GPU before but I have been dreaming of building a computer with one soon. I was planning on using a GTX 970 but givem this opportunity, I would be more than happy to upgrade to a 980!

  • Nillers

    My ASUS card runs perfectly and has for a over two years. Never a problem and always the best performance.

  • Max Lorrain

    ITS GOLD!!!

  • PACO

    Quite honestly, I have never owned an Asus graphics card, but my Asus M5 A99FX PRO R2.0 motherboard is very reliable and nice with its fast boot and quick overclocking features, and my I kind of want to know what i’ve been missing out on, not having an Awesome, Reliable Asus Graphics Card.

  • faceplantbarbecue

    I love the price to performance of the strix line of cards. I was a hardcore EVGA fan till the release of the strip 970. Single 8 pin power, really quiet performance, and having a backplate really makes a difference when choosing a new card.
    Plus it looks sexy, which is always a deal breaker.

  • Carter Howe

    I love the power and sleek design of the cards. Asus makes great products and I have never had any issues with them.

  • Garrett

    As lame as it sounds, I find reliability the best quality. Graphics cards, as well as other components, that look good, perform better, and last until they’re obsolete is a perfect combination for me. Asus has exactly that recipe.

  • Bobaganoosh

    I love Asus gear. These guys make fantastic products that last a long time. I have a 7 year old 17″ laptop with an Asus nvidia card that is still rocking it like it’s brand new. You want to do it right, you buy Asus

  • on2wheels

    great selection, great prices, great support

  • Joshua Johns

    great support

  • BurntEggoz

    I’ve got two asus screens, one asus GPU, and my mobo is an ASUS; I have yet to have an issue with any asus products (knocking on wood here).

  • sicky

    Great stability for 3d gaming.

  • Ruben Sanchez

    Been using Asus hardware since my first build, their motherboards and monitors haven’t failed me yet, looking forward to putting an Asus graphics card to the test!

  • Another thing I love about Asus GPUs is from looking up their Strix line of cards, they seem extremely quiet from what I can tell, and they look awesome!

  • MrElrey

    Currently on the 780 ti Reference and wanting to upgrade, to this beauty dual fan DirecCUII shiny gold, will go nice with my ASUS Rampage black eddtion motherboard.

  • Nhi Mai

    I have built my PC with the Asus strix 970, i liked so much that i ended up building my bro a PC with the Asus strix 960. Quiet, sturdy and it’s an awesome card with our black and red build!

  • grath

    I’ve always loved Asus cards and boards. Every time I’ve attempted to build a PC without using asus parts I always have some sort of problem. I recommend them to friends and family ans when they actually listen to my recommendations they are always pleased!

  • Warren Lee

    In my opinion, ASUS as a Brand has ALWAYS had their OWN ideas in mind. ASUS products esPECIALLY shine in design & build-quality. As for their GFX cards, I find that in eight years putting their cards through the paces in my builds, they stand in front of the competition in-terms of longevity, cooling, performance, style, but mainly, optimization. And with the new iteration of the Caped Crusader game, Arkham Knight, launching in the coming weeks, I’m looking forward to ASUS mesmerizing my optics with LOTS of “oh-my…”s & “no ways!!!”s.

  • Moltenfyre

    i love the looks of this asus card, it will fit with my motherboard if i win

  • wargamer1969

    Good time to upgrade the GTX 780 Classified to one of these…

  • Sol

    Well the looks, the quality and the thermal performance are those that really impressed me.

  • Oscar Villalobos

    Good quality brand I can trust on.

  • Joey

    My favorite thing about the GTX’s is that they work. I currently have a Dell I was gifted that out of the box could not run counter-strike above 8 fps, and it still can’t. It’s heartbreaking having a computer and it being so bad you physically cannot play games.

  • Dillus

    Asus cards and motherboards have never given me a problem and last for years.

  • Ruke D

    much quality build. such wow

  • Jerry Lafferty

    That card is just so freaking sexy! I want it soo bad!

  • JD

    Quiet, Powerful and Reliable all in one! Love it! 🙂

  • Johnathon McCready

    Asus always delivers good quality cards. Durable, cool, quiet.

  • Tyler McVaney

    Asus’ build quality is unmatched!

  • Danrarbc

    The coolers are some of the best in the business

  • John

    They make the best products out there.

  • Crow

    I just built my first PC and I’ve got an Asus Motherboard and a 960 and I am loving it so far. It is such a great product and really helps me handle both gaming and graphic design.

  • Joseph Valenti

    after 15 yrs of building comps, not once has an ASUS monitor, mother board or graphics card failed me. Performance and reliability are the selling points for me.

  • GTOViper

    Asus is probably the most reliable brand for pc parts including their GPU line. I’ve never had a problem with Asus hardware thus far, but have plenty of RMA stories for other parts that I’ve gotten.

  • Jo Walle

    I have an ASUS Monitor, Mouse, Motherboard and Sound card. They’re all awesome, stylish and perform well. I think its time to add a ASUS GPU to this rig.

  • Kevin Munoz

    The rules for entry ask that you be genuine and honest, and to be honest I’ve never owned an Asus GPU, but the rules also don’t say I’ve ever had to own either, but to be even a little more honest here I go:
    The reason I’m still writing for this entry is because to be honest, I was laid off quite recently, about 4 months ago, right near the end of December. I’m currently a college student, and just finished enrolling into my summer classes but with that being said I’ve also ran out of my scholarship & savings money,basically everything I’ve ever worked for. Occasionally I’ve had little jobs here and there, cleaning houses and restaurants in order to hang on, and pay the next months rent/bills… Ontop of running out of money, and being broke, two weeks ago my old HD 6850 went out on me, and I’ve been deprived of being able to play my favorite games on my PC – to able to do the one that thing bring me joy and keeps me sane throughout all the stress and life’s absurdity. So with the hope and help from you, LegitReviews, and ASUS I figured maybe I’d at least be given the chance to do what I love the most again.

  • Greg Astran

    It’s an Asus GPU what isn’t there to like? Also it would go nice with my Asus Mobo 😛

  • Karlo Garcia

    It’s quiet but beastly! Gamers like me would really love this card. I also love the design of it.

  • David castrejon

    Honestly it has the right amount of gold where it does not have too much and its justy right

  • Andy Scoggan

    I think that Asus makes top quality stuff, especially their graphics cards. Asus finds innovative and amazing ideas to make their gpus. They are quiet, efficient and most importantly have an outstanding build quality. Asus has yet to disappoint me and their products have yet to fail me. Asus is a company of trust and quality, but most importantly value.

  • ken

    My favorite thing about ASUS is the dedication to gamers and enthusiasts. They embrace the people that push hardware to its limits.

  • I love the look of this card!

  • Wancakes

    What isn’t to love. They’re quiet, effective, and preform great. Not only that but they’re aesthetically pleasing so if you look inside your case you see that ASUS beauty. Plus they’re reliable what more can you ask for.

  • d3v14n7

    Excellent performance, well built, and looks great!

  • SamReyes

    I’ve honestly never owned one. They are usually just out of my price range. I always hear on tech forums and sites about how reliable ASUS hardware is, and look forward to being able to experience that joy and reliability for myself.

    I’ve also never owned an Nvidia GTX series card, just because they typically cost more than AMD ones and I always end up going with the cheaper option due to budget restraints. I would love to have my first GTX card.

  • Batpimp

    My favorite thing about ASUS graphics cards are their customer support!

  • William Stuart

    I really like the way the new generation ASUS cards look and the features are always top notch, while I haven’t used one since my 8500 GT, they’ve always been a top consideration when looking for a new card.

  • Larry Hemenez

    These are the best cards they are super silent and proform perfect . Super fast and great quality

  • Ryan Henderson

    Asus cards are quiet, cool, and efficient. They also are aesthetically pleasing.

  • tom jones

    I think it’s great that ASUS has worked to build the best GTX 980 available as a means of celebrating 20 years

  • Grant M

    ASUS products are always solidly built products and are great at making an efficient , cool and fashionable card

  • Clawleone

    I have never had any problems with any ASUS products, which can be hard to say about other companies. I love how the GPUs look and they work like a dream.

  • jordan jensen

    I bought one for my first ever computer build. It was a year or two ago and I am still using it today. It was been performing so well that I have been able to play all the games and watch all the videos I want without any lagging or video issues. I’ve bought other components like my Z97-A motherboard, but I have highly recommended my friends to get an ASUS GPU.

  • hang onasec

    Asus makes great graphics cards. My 770 has been a workhorse and this 20th anniversary edition is about as good looking as graphics cards get. Bling!

  • Tristan Evans

    I love Asus graphics cards, they are great, they look awesome, and they preform well. Unfortunately at the moment I don’t have one.

  • Ashley Mackie

    Always solid build always relyable

  • Ang Li

    Durable and reliable. Asus has obtained both aesthetics and performance, this shows a lot of ingenuity, in my humble opinion.

  • Dhalmel

    My first Asus graphics card was the GTX 480, It was an amazing overclocker and gave me good impressions of the ASUS brand. I’ve also had their Direct CU II GTX 580 and now using an reference asus GTX 680.

  • Josh Whitehead

    Quiet, calm, efficient, effective, and slick. I use asus for my mobo and networking really want to run them as my gpu too

  • johnediii

    I can’t think of one Asus product I’ve been unhappy with. I have an Asus Motherboard in at least 3 of the computers I have in my house right now.

  • Ernie Martinez

    I’ve had all ASUS products except for their GPUs but I’ve always been a huge fan of the aesthetics. I love the quality of ASUS products and would love to get my hands on a beautiful GTX 980 from them!

  • Gian Salar

    being able to use an ASUS gaming laptop I saw it’s power and reliability. (still working 2 years after buying)a

  • Luke Brown

    Awesome graphics cards, reliable and sleek!

  • Zachary Levi

    I have always used ASUS as my go to brand for computer parts since well, forever! Their graphic cards however, have never failed me and they run cool and quiet. Their designs for the cards are always interesting, sometimes a bit big and bold and some models sleek. I’m currently using a ASUS GTX 660 Ti which I’m still in love with.

  • skyress3000

    best graphics cards imo – perform & look the best

  • Toskilate

    Hello, I’ve always liked ASUS (portable PC, graphics card ….) They have a beautiful design and not a peep !! Thank you !

  • Alex Cheek

    Great high end cards

  • Lance

    They are reliable and has good cooling.

  • ASUS cooler designs on their GPUs are top notch.

  • Koobo

    Thats a amatzing graphic card in Gold i dont know how awesome this thing is for playing.

  • tzuljin

    the cooling system of the gpu and the massive power tha it produces

  • TechPcGamer

    what i like about it has good cooling like all asus cards and i like the gold with black looks sick still rocking a asus 660 ti 2gb

  • IM0001

    Been using their boards for years, Laptop since 2010, and have some experience with a few of their midrange cards that have lasted generations of PC hardware. Not only do they last, but they usually have some of the highest end features and specs. Not a huge fan of non reference coolers as they just vent all that hot air into the case, but eh, that’s being a bit picky…

  • xd1936

    I’ve only had one Asus motherboard, and it was a solid device. It’s still working in my brother’s computer, 6 years later! I would love to try out their GPUs. I’m currently computer-less and getting by with just my work laptop, but looking to build a desktop based on a Silverstone Micro-ITX case, and this thing would go so well with my project!

  • Jade

    I have unfotrunatley not experienced an ASUS GPU but I have experienced the tablet, the monitor (which I am using now) and the sexy motherboard (also in use now). I believe my motherboard is singing for the ASUS GPU right now. I love the branding and I love the quality of ASUS products <3.

  • Zaryn Dunn

    I have never owned an Asus graphics card but I had a little asus laptop and it was quite powerful and reliable for its size and price.

  • Eric G Canoy

    dependable performance for high end gamers

  • The cooling solutions on the asus cards has always been great. Runs quiet and stays cool when I need it to! Keep up the great work.

  • Jerome

    I like that ASUS graphics cards are are quiet, and powerful while also not extremely huge. It’s pretty difficult to find a balance for all three, but I know ASUS cards generally give me just that

  • Jake

    Asus has always been a dependable brand for me. That is why I love the graphics cards.

  • I’m just a huge fan of the fact that they’re always BEEFY. (at least the ones I look for!)

  • JP

    ASUS has always been a reliable brand to me. When I see the ASUS logo I know I’m dealing with a quality product that will provide me with years of worry-free service. Any time I do a new computer build I try to incorporate as many ASUS products as I can. The new one-click optimization technology on my Z97-A motherboard made set up and overclocking of my CPU a breeze! Thanks ASUS!

  • Robert Haddad

    I generally use ASUS parts in my computer builds. They develop strong motherboards and GPUS. ASUS GPUs are powerful, sleek and overall I would love to have this new one! Operates silently and 15% cooler! Live stream your game play does sound pretty amazing. Hopefully whoever wins is pretty funny and a great gamer for that. Overall its pretty and sounds like it will be an amazing addition!

  • jpcfix

    ASUS having the first direct contact GPU to copper heatpipe cooling solution. I recall how it was a big deal at the time.

  • eddiex

    I love the powerful Cuda Cores. Will be futureproof for quite a while.

  • Anes Palic

    I have many experiences with ASUS GPU’s in the past… and man I have to say I’m EXTREMELY HYPED for this new 20th Anniversary edition. I wanted to buy the Matrix 980, but when I saw this beast – I have changed my mind completely. Good luck to everyone in this competition.

  • FreeJet

    I own an ASUS GTX 660 Ti with Direct CU II OC and it’s super efficient and quiet and truly one of best graphic cards I’ve ever had.

  • Jenna Gossett

    I like how reliable it is and that it runs quiet.

  • papajohnny

    ASUS video cards run quiet and cool! Love it!

  • My favorite thing about Asus GPUs is their amazing non-reference cooler performance and design. They just always look so darn good, and they perform great for overclocking 🙂

  • Steven Bliss

    Love everything about ASUS products. I even have a ver.1 Crosshair board still running in a computer. My current main computer runs a Maximus V Formula. Every GPU I have is made by ASUS. Guess I have become a ASUS Fanboy! lol

  • The OdB fan

  • slugbug55

    I’ve had a few ASUS Graphics cards over the years and they’ve always been rock steady for me. Had an 8800 GT and used it for folding 24/7 for over 3 years without a hiccup.

  • luc flight

    nice design

  • Ybloc25

    “Shiny”, ASUS products never failed me in the past.

  • Marcinoo16

    I need silent pc

  • eddiex

    This will be a huge upgrade from my desktops AMD APU.

  • Peter Rogala

    Totally appreciate the awesome performance,stability, and reliability I have experienced with the ASUS GPU graphics cards, But I really like the

    DirecCUII GPU Cooling technology a lot, It simply keeps my card running cool and very quiet, and can hardly, if ever hear the fans at all.

  • Jerry Marquardt

    I like the design very much.

  • sasche s owens

    They always look awesome, and work great.

  • Keith Brannan

    Asus is the premier brand in motherboards and GPU products. And let’s face it, this board is dipped in gold, so who wouldn’t want it, right?!

  • Robert

    I’m using an ASUS card in my current build right now. It’s rock solid and more importantly quiet even when overclocked pretty extensively. The fanless cooling when idling is also pretty excellent and something I didn’t expect to notice much, but the lower dB output is nice when I leave my machine on overnight for video encoding or uploading. Not sure if someone at ASUS has had a sleepless night or something because of case noise, but even eliminating one extra source is such a nice quality of life thing that I’m probably going to be shopping with them for cards and other products for quiet a while.

  • John Pinder

    This card is better than what most folks have in their computers…an improvement.

  • Kurrym

    My first PC build was built using a Asus GPU, which was recommended by a close friend. I used that computer for 4 years, and never had any issues.

  • Another feature that I love is the one-press VBIOS reload. That seems like it’d be an fantastic feature for overclocking. This GPU just has it all.

  • Michael Graham

    Where would gaming be without ASUS? Case closed… My favorite.

  • Jerry Lafferty

    Performance is at the top of my list!

  • Marilyn Angela Holt

    Own a Asus PC, just the best out there.

  • ASUS better VGA CARDS without Coil Whine 😀

  • Craig Donovan

    this is the fastest 980 out there easy…

  • Ruke D

    cooling is always better then reference card

  • Venokris

    I own Asus router, motherboard, monitor, graphics card and sound card. I believe in their quality and style!

  • William Kwok

    i like that it is the FASTEST GTX 980

  • jpcfix

    ASUS always seems to be continuing their innovation when it comes to new cards. I’m a fan of their cooling systems on their modern cards.

  • The memory defroster

  • My favorite thing about ASUS graphics cards is performance and quality. Those boost clocks really impressed me!

  • Marcinoo16

    how much faster is this card when compared to stock gtx 980?

  • This card is beautiful!

  • I love the color schemes. Very important when you have clear cases.

  • denademal

    The speed!!

  • Samir Alkamesy

    I hope a win this card its awesome I like it

  • William Kwok

    Favorite thing: It will totally kick butt!

  • Another of my favorite aspects of the card is the perfect heatpipe design with the DirectCU II cooler. I bet this 980 is an amazing overclocker 🙂

  • Ruke D

    ASUS puts great care in the design of there cards

  • Ryan Ferrell

    The cooling solutions on asus cards are top notch compared to other manufacturers and provide amazing cooling performance while being very quiet.

  • patterson_johnm

    no fresse up

  • Jerry Lafferty

    Love the style and design of ASUS cards

  • Margaret King

    I like the fact that it is already clocked so high but you can still overclock it.

  • Zach

    It’s performance is 100 times better than my current graphics card that freezes on 720p video.

  • Chris Knopff

    Never had an issue with the build of the card. It lasted as long as I needed it. Plus, the card retained it’s value. My vehicle needed tires

  • Victor Flores

    Asus have some of the best video card designs. Asus was in fact the one that made red and black color scheme popular with their ROG motherboards and video cards. Now I see plenty of copycats. Asus sets trends, Asus is in innovation that inspires.

  • Bodge

    Favorite thing is its appearance.

  • Pierre Le Coguiec

    Asus possesses the most stable components that I have ever used. In addition, the designs of these are still fully in line with the modernism of their products.

  • Nuno Campos

    I love that Asus customizes its graphic cards to go with the color scheme of their own motherboards. This card goes beautifully with the Z97i-Plus.

  • Zari Palomares

    Asus always has the best quality so this is expected to be a very reliable and would easily meet expectations.

  • Marcinoo16

    I like the fact that it is already clocked so high but you can still overclock it.

  • jpcfix

    I’ve only owned two asus video cards and my more memorable was the 8800GT/512MB edition. That card lasted forever and was my first semi-high end card. It’s still running well but not used anymore for daily gaming.

  • Mike Warren

    I like the Memory Defroster

  • Gabriele Bugliani

    asus is generally solid and strong brand

  • Crystal Davis Nelson

    ASUS is the best on the market.

  • Andreas Boye

    Asus has the best best quality on the market ATM, but personally the best thing about the 20th anniversary card is the god damm beautiful color.

  • Marilyn Angela Holt

    They are the best around

  • Mr_Gentleman

    qualitiy, reliability as well as smooth software solutions :3

  • Justin Williams

    Quality, Quality, QUALITY! If you want the best, ASUS is what you’re looking for.



  • Thomas Stjärnborg

    I buy asus products since it always brings the best premium products

  • ASUS makes some very reliable graphics cards for gamers.

  • Jerry Marquardt

    My favorite thing about this is its speed.

  • Asus is my go to hardware for motherboards and video cards. Love the quality and reliability.

  • Roger Shen

    Asus makes quality products that are dependable. Their GPU’s are no exception.

  • Well, since the Lockerdome entry page says that I can post my favorite thing about the GPU every day, I guess I’ll mention another of my favorite aspects: The Black and Gold color scheme!

    It looks absolutely gorgeous and extremely high-quality. I think that it would be really easy to match its color to most PC builds 🙂

  • Michael Shea

    The ASUS GTX 980 20th Anniversary Graphics Card is the fastest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 ever released with an insane 1431MHz GPU boost clock speed.

  • RWitts

    The reliability of Asus Cards I have had 9800 GTX, 580, 680 and 780 ti with not one problem.

  • Rod Shaftwell

    My favorite thing about Asus GPU’s? This particular card is so unique, I know that if I get one, nobody else I know will have one, nor will they have the performance I do.

    Also its cosmetically gorgeous.

  • Hau Bui

    My favorite thing about asus cards, 0db fan tech.

  • Maddbomber83

    Asus Graphics are compelling because they have the Asus name behind them. Not only does this give you the awesome Red/Black theme, but a wealth of resources through the Republic of Gamers site.

  • Clarence Newell

    When I built my first pc, I used an Asus AGP V-6600 Geforce 256 video card. I still own that card today and it still works. It was 32mb of SGRAM sweetness.

  • Kirk Martin

    They are cool… Asus nice stuff!!!

  • Ruke D

    my first real graphics card buy was the ASUS GTX470 card from Fry’s Electronics. Man I remember my hands kind of shaking as a paid for it was the last piece of my build that I needed for my build in 2010. The thing that stood out was good the card felt slick and solid build. placing the card in to to my ASUS deluxe P7P55D mother board and power it up for the first time was sweet. I became a huge fan of ASUS for the quality they put into the product that I have purchased quite every thing that I can for my laptop and PC is ASUS. I’m still on that same mother board but I have recently upgraded to ASUS GTX680 sli and again very expressive how they keep the quality of the card. ASUS = quality quality quality. good luck to all

  • William Kwok

    My favorite thing about this card is that it supports a high resolution for max settings on most games.

  • Jerry Lafferty

    I follow on twitter as @mrcapncaveman , for some reason the app is not working for me to collect the credits.

    • Nathan Kirsch

      odd, please try again. The app will be used for the credits and random draw, so if it didn’t count it you won’t have extra chances. If it still fails to work I can contact Lockerdome and see if they can look into it for us.

      • Jerry Lafferty

        It tries, I authorize the app and it just brings me back here after doing nothing. Ive tried on other competitions using lockerdome with the same results, not sure whats causing it.

    • LanceDC

      Congrats on winning. Even with your problems. You lucked out. Enjoy.

      • Jerry Lafferty

        Thank you, words can not express how happy and lucky I feel right now.

      • Jerry Lafferty

        Thanks! Super lucked out!

  • Jerry Lafferty

    My favorite thing about this card 1431 MHz Boost Clocks

  • Jeremy Ryder

    The design of the new card is sick. Never had an ASUS GPU but this would be nice addition to my 2 ASUS monitors.

  • Alexander Chirila

    Never had any problems with it , i like that ASUS use DIGI+ VRM, Super Alloy Power and exclusive DirectCU cooling technology yielding a supreme overclocking 😀

  • vainphantom

    The thing I love most about Asus cards is the colour scheme and the base overclocks.

  • Terrence TeeBlack Hardy

    love the look of this gpu and the cooler

  • Zen Castro Resurreccion

    I never got to experience using an Asus card on my own build. i mean personal rig. but i always recommend Asus gpus whenever a friend or someone who wants a pc to be built by me. Ive purchased several Asus cards such as the performer gtx 660ti. Asus cards are really designed for hardcore gaming that will definitley give an additional boost to ur gaming experience. Though much expensive than other brand. Asus definitely give justice to its price cause its components. build. features. and performance is unparalleled compared to other brands. and they continually improved their cards as well as other products such as mobos and gaming laptops to suit the needs of future gamers. No wonder.. almost all of my friends/team mates who has more budget went for Asus Products to put in their build. Thanks Asus for this wonderful.opportunity!

  • ken777

    I’ve got an Asus card in my system right now. I like the custom cooler which keeps things cool and quiet even with some overclocking.

  • Nanang Sugiarto

    For now, Im still using Asus GT630 64bit Kepler. The card is still working till now because I dont wanna sell it as I have some memories with it. This card was help me a lot to get my present job.

  • Jaime

    good luck

  • Jon Baird

    Love the layout and colors.

  • All my ASUS components have been very well made and haven’t given me any trouble. This
    new GTX 980 would surely take my PC and games into the next generation
    and beyond.

  • Stephen

    I’ve been using Asus products since my P/I-P55TP4N, way back in 1996. It’s just great to see their exceptional quality and support extending to their graphics cards.

  • DoctorT

    I’d really love this!! Great GPU!

  • David

    My first ASUS graphics card goes back to the first system I ever built with an Asus bx motherboard and s3 graphics card. I upgraded that to an ASUS 8420 GeForce 4200 ti so I could play Unreal Tournament. I then got an ATI 9700 and after that a n6800gt x 2 for SLI on an Asus SLI deluxe motherboard. Almost every motherboard I have had or built for people was an ASUS product. That speaks volumes for them has even when I have had one blow they would take care of it! That ASUS GTX 980 Gold 20th anniversary edition just looks impressive!

  • Ebon

    Love their quality and low fan noise.

  • Preston Chapman

    The product is superior very high quality.

  • Andreas Niggemann

    AWESOME !!

  • Sara Christie

    1431MHz GPU boost clock speed !!

  • Will Lyon

    MY favorite thing about ASUS GPU’s is their cooling performance.

  • Nice looking card

  • Michael Graham

    I lost my virginity with ASUS… With ASUS I discovered what high end pc gaming had to offer. My only disappointment was the years i lost in darkness before ASUS showed me the light. I couldn’t imagine using a different brand.

  • Joe Russell

    So my memory of ASUS is actually pretty recent – last August, being sick of years with all my games’ graphics set to “low”, I was for the first time trying to build myself a gaming PC. All the parts had arrived, and sat in a neat stack of boxes on my bedroom desk, as I searched Youtube for guides that might actually explain how to put the damn thing together.

    But now, the plot thickens, for the hour was late and I was called to have pizza in front of the television, which I did, but in my haste I left my bedroom door ajar. It’s at this point I should mention that I have an extremely curious cat. So as I sat on the sofa, chewing thoughtfully on a slice of Tesco’s Own Thin and Tasty Meat Feast, I saw her trot across the hall and through the open door. And then I heard the clatter.

    Flinging my half-eaten slice across the room, I have never moved so fast in all my life, but as I opened the door, alas, it was too late. The boxes lay scattered across the floor – who knew how much damage had been wrought upon my precious, fragile components? But there, impossibly, incredibly, one box remained – that of my ASUS GTX 760, balanced in perfect equilibrium on the very edge. My cat was watching it, a paw outstretched, ready to knock it from the surface. “NO!” I shouted, but even as I did she pushed it, and I swear to you the box turned with the strike, defying basic physics and laws of gravity by swivelling on its axis, settling firmly back on the desk. Though the other components had fallen, and some parts were indeed damaged (rest in peace, my Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB Memory Module), the ASUS alone had survived.

    So my favorite thing about my ASUS card is not the beautiful graphics it provides, nor is it the quietness of its fans or the ease with which it slotted into the motherboard. Its best quality is not its attractive black and red design, or even the speed with which it runs Arkham City on Ultra. No, the most magnificent feature of the ASUS GTX 760 is its Anti-Gravity, Cat-Resistant, Desk-Edge-Avoidance Mechanism, for which I am forever in it, and ASUS’ debt. Thank you.

  • SuperBeautifulNoise

    I like the look and quality of ASUS Graphics cards. My experience with ASUS products has been positive. The ASUS GTX 980 Gold Edition looks incredible. 🙂

  • Mandal Bayar

    Honestly think ASUS makes the best looking cards (except for the Strix series), probably the most reliable too.

  • gappler

    Regardless of the price range of your graphics card choice, Asus as a brand seems to focus on using the best components for the price. I never need to worry about unexpected failures unless I am the cause. And even then it takes something truely stupid to really cause a problem. Peace of mind is nice thing to have.

  • My favorite thing about the graphics card is the 0db fan technology. I built my PC around the concept of being silent, so I love it that such a powerful GPU can also be completely silent for applications that aren’t super demanding. 🙂

  • Aaron O

    I love the extreme high quality of the components. From the custom PCB to the Japanese made capacitors and high performance custom cooling everything excels in comparison to other brands.

  • I really like that Asus GPU’s utilize some of the most interesting heat sink tech out there: what other manufacturer produces a hybrid cooled card that can either run on air OR water on the same heat sink? I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that this specific card has GOLD on it… something about black and gold just feels opulent in the best way possible. It makes me want to build up another all black and gold rig! They also seem to be fairly consistent performers from one card to the next.

    • Venokris

      I love the quality of ASUS products. Been using them for years and never had any problems. Also the style is really nice for something as simple as a router.