Gelid Solutions Wing 8 UV Case Fan Review

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A Closer Look At The GELID Wing 8

The Wing 8 is also UV responsive.  Legit Reviews made a 39 second video showing the blue UV properties of our test fan.  It does produce a nice blue color as it advertises on the package.

I have currently been running my computer with just one case fan, and am going to go to 2 fans to see if it runs cooler.  My old fan screwed into the back of the case, and there is a plastic housing on the front of my case to mount an additional fan.  The Wing 8 claims that their rubber fan mounts will help reduce vibrations when the fan is attached to the case. I have never used rubber mounts before so I was looking forward to getting this mounted.  It took some effort to push the rubber mounts into the fan and then into the case, but once again I was impressed with the quality of the fan mounts.  I inserted and removed the fan from the case, and inserted and removed the rubber mounts from the fan to see how well they would hold up if you wanted to remove the fan for cleaning or any other purpose.  The mounts also seemed to be well made and were much more flexible and durable than I expected.

Gelid Wing 8 Fan Installed

The fan speed is slower than some of the other fans I have used in the past, so I was hoping it would cool as well as some other fans.

Gelid Wing 8 Fan Speeds

I ran several different tests with these fans.  The first using my old case fan, one new Wing 8 fan on its low RPM setting, one Wing 8 on high RPMs, 2 Wing 8 fans on low RPMs  and 2 Wing 8 fans on high RPMs.  All tests were done while my computer was running a distributed computing program called Folding at Home.  The results are shown in the graphs below.  The old single fan I had been using ran at a much higher RPM than the new fans running at their highest setting.  The Wing 8 fans ran at a slower speed in order to keep the noise level down.  The fans only produced 21 dBA.  The reduction in noise was worth it to me, though.  The new Wing 8 fans are the quietest case fans I have ever used.

Gelid Wing 8 Fan Speeds

When running a single fan, it is mounted on the back of the computer blowing the hot air out.  The second fan I installed in the front of the computer, and used it to blow cool air into the case.  The results were interesting because it showed that running 2 Wing 8 fans, while quieter, ran hotter than using the old case fan I had.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions:

To sum it up, the Wing 8 is a well designed case fan.  It was very easy to install and operates very quietly.  It may not be the best in terms of performance; however, it does what it was designed to do.  The GELID Wing 8 starts in price at $11.99 plus shipping.

Legit Bottom Line: The GELID Wing 8 is an innovative case fan that operates very quietly and can be purchased at a competitive price.

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