Gelid Solutions Wing 8 UV Case Fan Review

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Gelid Solutions Wing 8 UV Case Fan

In today’s review, we have a new case fan from Gelid Solutions, the Wing 8. GELID Solutions Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based company with Swiss Management. GELID designs and manufactures thermal solutions, CPU coolers, fans and other computer hardware for gamers and silent enthusiasts. What makes the Wing series unique is the fact that they use a Nanoflux bearing (NFB), which is better known in the enthusiast community as an electromagnetic fan. By using a magnetic design, the fan is able to run friction-free and has no motor noise since no brushes are spinning inside the fan. This means that the fan will never have bearings that break down and begin to squeal as the fan ages over the years.

To get a better idea about the GELID Solutions WING fan, I started off by going to the Gelid Solutions website to see what their marketing department had to say about the Gelid Solutions Wing series of case fans.

“The WING UV Blue case fans are premium quality, UV reactive, ultra-quiet, dust and water proof cooling fans for gaming enthusiasts. This series features a unique bearing with patented design, winglet fan blades and low starting voltage. Only the highest quality materials have been used to manufacture this state-of-the-art cooling fan. Control the fan RPM speed according to your desire using the supplied voltage regulator. To add to the silence, fan mounts replace traditional screws and are made of high quality, ultra-soft silicone which stops vibrations from the fan motor from travelling into your PC case.” – Gelid Solutions

Gelid Wing 8 Fan Retail Box

The 80mm blue UV case fan I received came in a darker colored package. It has 3 clear windows in front so you can see the fan, rubber fan mounts, and the fan speed control module.

Gelid Wing 8 Fan Contents

The packaging included with the GELID Solutions Wing 8 fan was excellent. Also included in the bundle that I haven’t talked about yet is the power cord that was tucked along the right side of the package, and underneath the speed control switch I found double sided tape and a GELID Solutions case badge. Unlike some other fan companies, the piece of double sided tape for mounting the speed control switch was included separately and not pre-applied to the controller.

Gelid Wing 8 with the fan removed

The Wing 8 features fan winglets which are designed to help further reduce fan noise. The winglets are just angled extensions that flare out from the ends of the blades of the fan.  I was very impressed by the fact that the fan itself can be removed from the housing. It will make cleaning so much easier when it gets all covered with dust. I was a little nervous at first when I removed the fan blade since no tools are required and all you have to do is press it out of the housing.  It make a noticeable click when I popped it apart, however it seems to be well made and was sturdy enough that I felt comfortable removing it and putting it back on several times.

Gelid Wing 8 Nano Bearing

The Wing 8 uses patented nanoflux bearings inside their fan.  Nanoflux bearings use a magnetic design and are able to run friction free, extremely silent and could last for a very long time.  The fan comes with a 5 year warranty but I think that with the use of this technology it could last much longer.

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