G.Skill ECO 4GB DDR3 1600MHz CL7 Low Voltage Memory Kit Review

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Test Results

For the performance numbers I chose four separate timing/frequency settings that were stable with this kit. By using a combination of CPU multipliers and memory dividers I was able to keep the CPU within 20MHz of 3040MHz in an attempt to eliminate the CPU from the performance differences.

G.Skill ECO Series 1600C7 WinRAR

G.skill ECO Series 1600C7 Cinebench R10

G.Skill ECO Series 1600C7 SuperPi 32M

G.Skill ECO Series 1600C7 Sandra 2010 Memory Bandwidth

G.Skill ECO Series 1600C7 Sandra 2010 Multimedia

G.Skill ECO Series 1600C7 Sandra ALU/FPU Aggregate Performance

G.Skill ECO Series 1600C7 3DMark vantage

G.Skill ECO Series 1600C7 Heaven DX11 1280x1024

There is a lot of data here but a few trends formed through the results. For the most part the stock speed and timings were optimal with only few bandwidth scaling applications like WinRAR SMP and Sandra 2010 Memory Bandwidth gaining from the looser DDR3-1900 9-11-9-27. Keep in mind that these high speeds required additional operating voltage which goes against the original purpose of the kit. In the end it appears to be best to leave the kit with the stock 1.35vdimm and hover around DDR3-1600 7-8-7-24.

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