Foxconn Digital Life ELA P45 Motherboard Review

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Overclocking Results

Overclocking the ELA was made rather easy with the Fox One software. The software was a bit clunky but I was able to look past this for the amount of control gave me. Sadly the crippled BIOS on this board doesn’t give you the option to adjust the multiplier. For being such a high priced board this was rather shocking. Because of this the max FSB is also the max frequency attainable.

Foxconn P45 ELA Review

Because I couldn’t adjust the multiplier I couldn’t easily tell what was limiting the overclock. I’m embarrassed to claim this was the maximum overclock but no matter what I tried the board continued to hardlock through Super Pi 1M only 2MHz FSB higher. Increasing vcore, vdimm, and vmch didn’t help and I was already running the timings far looser than necessary. The ELA isn’t a phenomenal overclocker but it isn’t the worst of the bunch either.

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