ePower Jaguar 450W PSU

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Our test system:

  • Intel Pentium 4 3.2C 800mhz fsb
  • Abit IC7 Max3
  • Thermalright SP-94
  • BFG 5900 flashed to 5950 Ultra
  • 2 x WD 36.7gb 10,000rpm Raptor Hard drives in Raid 0
  • 2 x 512MB Mushkin 3500 Black Level II


We measured all of the voltages with a Multimeter that was purchased at Radio Shack. A picture of the tester we used is below:

We took measurements at default speeds and settings on the Abit Max3 and then we took the same measurements on the Abit Max3 overclocked to 225fsb with streetracer enabled and our ram timings set to 2-3-2-5. We measured idle reading by letting the system set for 5 minutes without anything running. We then measured the load settings by playing a DVD, an audio CD, running Super PI and 3dMark 2001 at the same time. Let’s see what we got!

Default Settings:

As you can see, this unit did very well for itself. There was not a whole lot of variation between idle and load voltage readings. This unit does very well in its stability with a drop of only .01 on the +3.3 and a drop of .18 on the +12. What was VERY interesting to us was the fact that the +5 rail actually went up! Now it was only an increase of .01, but still, you would think by drawing power from the unit that this would go down. Let’s see how this thing did on an overclocked system.


After the readings were taken, we could say that we were impressed with this unit. Once again, we saw a .01 drop on the +3.3, a respectable (and well within specs) .24 drop on the +12v and to our amazement we saw the +5 rail increase once again, only this time it was an increase of .04! This unit held its own very well, even on an overclocked system!


This unit also boasts what ePower calls "Silent Technology." By saying that, ePower boasts of having the quietest power supply on the market. They say that this unit only produces 23dBA at 60% loading. We did not have anything to measure the noise production other than our ears, but we can say that this was one quiet unit!


In the Open

In The Dark


Jason Petermann’s Thoughts

This power supply just impressed me from the get-go! It was stunning in its appearance, with the shiny chrome finish to the illuminated blue fans and windows to show it off. But for me, when I shop for a power supply, I am not looking for a "pretty little box of juice." Instead, I am looking for something that screams raw-man-power! I want a power supply that is rock stable for my overclocking, and this power supply fits the bill. ePower did a fantastic job in appearance and performance on this unit. They have several others available with most, if not all, of the same features as this unit. One unit, the Cheetah, even boasts a whopping 520 watts of power! The features on this unit are very nice. The ECASO cooling after shutdown is very nice. Also, the dedicated AGP power line was a nice touch. This unit also is very quiet when running. In fact, I could not hear it over the other fans in my case.

Editor's Choice Award

Legit Bottom Line

ePower, though new to us here at Legit Reviews and to the enthusiast crowd, has a quality product on their hands here. With this type of quality in both appearance and performance, they stand to become one of the leaders of quality power supplies for enthusiasts.

If this power supply unit does not suit your needs check out and see if ePower has another unit that meets your individual needs!

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