ePower Jaguar 450W PSU

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The Layout

This power supply has a shiny and reflective aluminum finish. In fact, it was hard to take pictures of this thing without getting myself in the picture! Let’s look at some shots of this 450 Watt beauty!

Here we can see the front of the power supply (front as in, goes inside the case). Notice the fan here is clear. There is a reason for that, and we will see that reason in a moment.

The back of the power supply also has a clear fan. Here you can also see the power connector and the power switch.

The bottom of the power supply sports an attractive little window. This window does serve a purpose, just like the clear fans!

Here we see the side of the unit. It also has a window for your viewing pleasure!

Installed pictures:

Just a quick peek at the unit installed in the CoolerMaster case: I would assume that this unit would have no issues being installed in any case that you are able to put a typical size power supply in.

Ok, here it is! SURPRISE! This thing has lights! Yup, that’s right, the clear fans and windows are for the lights! This makes this unit very attractive to those case modders out there! The first picture is the back of the power supply, and the second is a picture of the inside of the rig. A nice touch!

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