E3 Expo 2011: Wrap-Up Coverage

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AMD’s New 8-Core FX Processor

AMD FX 8-Core

For us, one of the best booths of the 2011 E3 had to be from AMD. They were showing off their new FX 8-Core processor that they had reintroduced for the E3 Expo. 

AMD FX 8-Core

The FX brand is associated AMD’s fastest processors and most powerful platforms – those designed for unrestrained PC performance for the ultimate gaming and HD entertainment experiences. In addition, these processors and platforms drive rich visuals for graphics intensive applications and high-resolution AMD Eyefinity multi-monitor configurations.

AMD FX 8-Core

Even though they were limited in the amount of information they could
reveal, we saw first-hand the raw power of the FX. In the video below,
you can see that the processor easily pushed an active Recaro gaming
seat and triple HD monitors. We should be hearing more details about
this processor in the near future:

AMD even ended the first day’s convention with an invite-only party at the exclusive Katsuya Japanese restaurant. It was a good way to end the day and we even got some gaming in while eating!

AMD @ Katsuya Restaurant

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