E3 Expo 2010: Day 2 Coverage

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SteelSeries Gaming Equipment

SteelSeries @ E3 2010

While chilling in the Gunnar Optiks Tour Bus, we were able to speak to one of the development heads at SteelSeries. For those that don’t know, SteelSeries is a huge peripheral company that has been around since the early 1990’s. Their focus is in designing and building products for the professional gamer. Up until recently, this meant building products for PC gaming.  Now, however, they have a few products on the horizon for the Microsoft Xbox 360 platform.  We asked them if they planned on developing any products for the Sony PlayStation and they said when they see more professional game competitions featuring the PS3, then they will make a move towards developing for that platform.  Makes sense.

SteelSeries Spectrum_5xb

Take a look at our extended interview and an exclusive first-look at the SteelSeries Spectrum 5XB Gaming Headset.  This headset will be released in Q3 2010 for the PC and Xbox 360 platforms.  Pricing hasn’t been made public as of yet, but I have to say that I was VERY impressed with the design and workmanship that went into these headsets.

Well, that wraps up our 2010 E3 Expo coverage live from the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Thanks again for hanging with us as we bring you what we thought were the highlights of E3. We’ll be posting our booth babe article as soon as we get done editing all the images!

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