E3 Expo 2010: Day 2 Coverage

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Nyko Controlling Your Console

Nyko Ambassadors

And what is an E3 Expo without the Nyko spokesmodels??  Who would want to find out?  We do know this, E3 wouldn’t be the same without the redheads in the plastic boots. Well done, Nyko, well done!

This year Nyko was all about making your console better.  Nyko was showing off their latest controller for the Sony PlayStation 3 – the Raven. The Raven has a bunch of cool factors that any serious gamer will love.  The controllers had a nice weight to them with a rubberized surface. These $35 controllers will hit later this summer.

Nyko Move Charger

Also shown were two charge stations for the Sony Move motion controllers.  The Nyko charging docks will give you a faster charge than with your OEM Sony charger and looks much better!  Both of these chargers will be released about the same time as when the Sony Move hits the streets.

Well, that’s only a brief look at some of the hardware and peripheral companies who showd up Don’t go too far as we have more pictures of *ahem* Vendor Ambassadors, as well as some other looks (and interviews) with hardware manufacturers on the 2010 E3 Expo floor!


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