E3 2015 Booth Babes, Dudes and Cosplay Photos

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The Booth Babes Strike Back

E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D32 Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K01 Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K10 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D50 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D37 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D17 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D23 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D54 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D27 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D13 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D29

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  • Coach

    I look forward to this review every year! 😀

  • Darksouls have actually paid for their babes. The rest got some volunteers or something….

    • ToasterClown

      ….because you totally know exactly who got money and who didn’t. Keep talking out your ass with stupid assumptions.

      • My hairy ass looks sexier than most of those babes, so yeah I have an educated guess here, unlike some random clown on the Internet….

        • SomeOne

          You speak about yourself?