Corsair Vengeance K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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Using the Vengeance K70 and Conclusion

A good deal of time has passed since we saw Corsair’s first keyboards and we praised their effort in creating something that stood out while embracing mechanical keyboard technology. We aren’t as impressed with the K70 today because there are many more mechanical keyboards out there. However, the K70 looks incredible. The brushed aluminum is beautiful to look at and pleasant to touch in contrast to the usual plastic enclosure seen with other keyboards.  The way the backlight floods out from beneath the keys is striking and giving the impression that the rest of the keyboard glows. The backlights are also silly bright; even the lowest setting is as bright as the brightest most other individually backlit keyboards can output.

Corsair Vengeance K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

$110 for both the silver and black model is huge for those who look at all this as “just a keyboard.” The fact remains however, that the K70 is a keyboard that uses Cherry mechanical switches. It’s not just a good premium keyboard; it’s a very good premium keyboard. The black model only comes with Cherry MX Red switches, but the silver model is available with Blues and Browns. (Update: The black model is now also available with Blue switches and Brown switches) The Cherry MX Red models we reviewed are very good for gaming as a result of the switch mechanism’s low resistance despite being unforgiving of typing mistakes. Otherwise, the Blues and Browns would be the superior personal choice.

Corsair Vengeance K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

On that note, Corsair’s willingness to respond to popular sentiment is particularly what makes the Vengeance K70 special. I like that there’s more than one popular color to choose from and that there is a selection of Cherry switches. The aggressive, but controlled gamer style is compatible with a wide variety of battlestations and the mechanical switch experience is not inhibited by any poor design choices. Key-by-key backlighting and the small kit of textured keycaps add a subtle level of customizability. Even if most of the keyboard isn’t inspiring, it isn’t necessary. This is Corsair showing again it understands what gamers and PC enthusiasts want.

Legit Bottom Line: Corsair’s Vengeance K70 is another mechanical keyboard that meets expectations, but impresses with an aesthetic that can’t be found elsewhere.

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    Have just bought it and man what a keyboard… I must admit i am becoming a Corsair fanboy, but it is for the most obvious of reasons: CORSAIR KNOWS WHAT WE WANT & WHAT WE NEED..!

    This is simply the main reasons, for me to change every last bit of hardware and accessories to Corsair.

    I have had several good brands within various hardware in my long gaming life, but I just have to conclude that Corsair is the only hardware manufacturer that complies with all the requirements I seek, such as quality, usability, features and large selection and silent products .


      Bought the SILVER edition!!!

  • I haven’t bought the keyboard yet (price being a factor) but I have played around with it in the stores. I do agree with the assessment that it seems to be just a keyboard, but honestly that is exactly what I want.

    Having the standard layout with no extra keys on the side or some weird thing that goes on top or allowing breaking up the keyboard are generally useless additions for me.

    Although having a removable numeric pad for when I want to take the keyboard out with me (for the purposes of gaming only) would be nice.