Corsair Vengeance K60 and M60 FPS Keyboard & Mouse Review

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A closer look at the K60 mechanical keyboard

Vengeance K60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

The first thing you notice about the K60 is the brushed aluminum body
of the keyboard. It’s definitely different from the plastic housing I’m used to
seeing on keyboards.

Vengeance K60 Media Keys

Taking a look at the first thing that caught me off guard was the media
keys that the K60 has. There are 6 buttons total; mute, volume up/down, stop,
reverse, play/pause, forward. By default these worked fine with every program
I’ve tried so far. No drivers are required to use any of these features.

Vengeance K60 Replacement Keys

Next I realized that the default black WASD and 1-6 keys could be
replaced, and that there were flashy red alternatives that I could use. I
replaced them with the red keys; the red keys have a nice contoured feel to
them so you always know where your fingers need to be.

Vengeance K60 Switch 

The K60 doesn’t have the Cherry MX Red switches built inside the housing of the keyboard, they sit on
the top. Making the keys appear to stand rather high off of the body of the
keyboard. This is actually a nice feature, it should make it rather easy to
keep any dust at bay. 

Vengeance K60 Wrist Rest

The included box that housed our extra keys and key puller also doubles
as a cushioned wrist wrest. It attaches directly under the WASD keys so that
when you’re enjoying your FPS games your wrist won’t have to be at an
uncomfortable angle. General typing and use isn’t quite as comfortable with this
however, so I prefer to keep it off if I’m not playing a game.

Vengeance K60 USB Connector

The Corsair K60 uses a standard USB 2.0 connection to connect to your
PC. There are two USB connectors pictured because there is a USB pass through
on the keyboard for making connecting another peripheral or accessory extremely

Vengeance K60 USB Passthrough

This is the USB pass through that I was
referring to. It is located just inches away from the cable that connects the
keyboard to your PC.  This can be useful
for connecting a USB headset or even a USB flash drive without having to reach
all the way to your case if it’s not within arm’s reach.

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