Corsair RM650 Power Supply Review

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Testing results (Regulation & Ripple)


The electrical performance of the RM650 is remarkably good, especially for the price of the power supply. Voltage regulation is quite tight, with the voltage lines deviating less than 1.5% across the load range. Ripple suppression is very good, especially considering the class of the power supply, with the maximum recorded ripple being 40 mV on the 12 V line and while the power supply was operating at maximum capacity.

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  • Brian Blair

    This is a very bad review! You show none of the specs of the PSU, ANd the pictures with the power specs are just blurry and you can’t really even notice it is a PSU let alone see the amps on the 12v rail or the wattage on the 12v rail, Those are very important facts customers need to know before buying a PSU! Or do you not understand that?

    • kwaii

      Not to mention that the author never mentions the capacitors that are used in the unit,