Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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Looking Closer at the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB (Part 2)

The standard 104 keyboard keys are all backed by Cherry MX RGB mechanical switches. These are modified Cherry MX switches with clear housings and “lens” placed over surface mounted LEDs. Corsair Gaming RGB mechanical keyboards are available in three Cherry MX switch varieties: linear, nontactile Reds, tactile Browns, and clicky Blues.Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Corsair Gaming K70 RGB

Unlike most mechanical keyboards, the backplate on which the switches are mounted is exposed. This allows for light from the backlights to flood out from beneath the keys. The black brushed aluminum has its own visual appeal as well accentuating high-quality materials.Corsair Gaming K70 RGBCorsair Gaming K70 RGB Corsair Gaming K70 RGBCorsair Gaming K70 RGBCorsair Gaming K70 RGB

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  • Mariusz

    poor colors
    weak light
    leaking light around the key
    simple looks much worse than original single color version.
    Also it is more difficult to customize. No option to switch between gaming mode and full back-lighted writing mode (without using the software).

  • KPunch

    I see they’ve decided to keep the stupid ass tramp stamp logo…gg corsair, next gen’ mad catz more like.