Corsair CX430M Modular Power Supply Review – What $25 Can Buy

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Unboxing the CX430M

The box

Corsair supplies the CX430M in a bright black and white box with green theme accents. As well as aesthetically pleasing, the box is very sturdy, a rare sight among products of this price range. Inside the box we found the power supply sandwiched between polystyrene foam pieces.

The box (rear)

The rear side of the box is nearly entirely white and comes littered with detailed information on the features and specifications of the CX430M, in no less than six languages.

Bundled items

As expected, in order to keep the retail price as low as possible, Corsair kept the bundled items down to nearly the bare minimum possible. Besides the necessary A/C power cable, the modular cables and the mounting screws, Corsair only supplies a handful of basic cable ties along with the CX430M. It is noteworthy to mention that all of the modular cables are all-black, “flat-type” cables.  

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