Corsair CS450M Power Supply Review

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Testing results (Efficiency, Noise & Thermal)


The CS450M has been 80Plus Gold certified, which is outstanding for a product designed for mainstream users. It does not fail to deliver, reaching a maximum efficiency of 92.4% at 50% capacity and with a 230 VAC input. The efficiency drops down to 89.3% at 20% load and 89.5% at 100% load. If the input voltage drops to 110 VAC, the efficiency takes a hit of about 1% across the entire load range.


Despite the basic heatsinks and small size, the very high efficiency of the CS450M allows it to operate very quietly up to 50% load. If the load increases beyond 50%, the noise levels will begin to climb, reaching 30.4 dB(A) at 70% load, an audible but comfortable level, and up to 34.1 dB(A) at 100% load, which is highly likely to make the noise coming from the PSU noticeable over all other noise generated by the system.


The high efficiency of the CS450M allows it to maintain very low running temperatures across the entire load range. As the difference between the ambient and the exhaust temperature hardly is more than a few degrees, it is only possible to tell the difference only at heavy loads by sense alone. The temperature delta is just 4.2 °C at maximum load.

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  • Abbie Hoffman

    WTH? Good job on the worthless pictures with the blurred specs we cannot see! Oh and thanks for the hard info you never gave to us on the amount of amps and watts on the 12v rail! How do you idiots keep your jobs?

    • Carlos

      Wow dude, take a chill pill brah 😉

  • Jason D

    Got this PSU for $29 (using bitcoins to buy it), at tiger-direct. Makes a great single-card setup with any CPU and most GPU’s with a single SSD for the hard-drive. Keeps the PSU at the 50%-75% range, where it is most efficient, when gaming.

  • Kevin Vesga

    Anyone else find it strange that the power supplies are priced in tiny $10 increments? The 750W seems fine but the rest seem overpriced by comparison.