Corsair CS450M Power Supply Review

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External Design of the Corsair CS450M

Corsair CS450M

As far as aesthetics are concerned, the CS450M is remarkably ordinary. Corsair usually takes some steps to improve the appearance of their power supplies; this time however, it appears that they were content with an all-black theme and narrow side stickers. The chassis and fan guard are entirely ordinary, no different from those of a basic OEM unit. The logo of the company can be seen on the center of the fan’s guard.

Side stickers

Two narrow decorative stickers can be seen on the sides of the CS450M. The stickers blend with the color of the chassis, leaving only the company and model logos clearly visible.

Top side sticker

The sticker with the electrical specifications of the CS450M has been placed on the top side of the chassis, where it will be visible through a windowed side panel only if the case has the PSU mounting area towards its bottom and the unit’s fan is still facing downwards.

Rear Side

The rear side of the CS450M is quite plain as well, with only a hole for the hardwired cables and four modular cable connectors. The printed legend is a little misleading, as there are three connectors for the peripheral/SATA cables and one for the PCI Express cable.

Front Side

The front side of the CS450M is the standard perforated honeycomb mesh design, with only the standard on/off switch and power plug receptacle to be seen.

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  • Abbie Hoffman

    WTH? Good job on the worthless pictures with the blurred specs we cannot see! Oh and thanks for the hard info you never gave to us on the amount of amps and watts on the 12v rail! How do you idiots keep your jobs?

    • Carlos

      Wow dude, take a chill pill brah 😉

  • Jason D

    Got this PSU for $29 (using bitcoins to buy it), at tiger-direct. Makes a great single-card setup with any CPU and most GPU’s with a single SSD for the hard-drive. Keeps the PSU at the 50%-75% range, where it is most efficient, when gaming.

  • Kevin Vesga

    Anyone else find it strange that the power supplies are priced in tiny $10 increments? The 750W seems fine but the rest seem overpriced by comparison.