Cooler Master ATCS 840 Case Review

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CM ATCS 840 – Components and External Impressions (continued)

ATCS 840 rear case                       ATCS 840 rear panel

Viewing the back, you can see that by default the case is set up to have the power supply mounted below the motherboard. On the top of the rear panel, there are holes for water cooling on a removable plate. This can be removed to mount the PSU in a more traditional location or even to run dual power supplies for the adventurous type. Also on the back you’ll notice the vented PCI slots as well as more ventilation just to the side of the slots. This helps dissipate heat that may build up in a large case such as this.

ATCS 840 top 230mm fans

ATCS 840 top fans panel

Looking at the top, you’ll see the two massive 230mm fans that vent warm air out of the top of the case which is where the warmer are will naturally collect in the case. The panel for these fans easily slides off for cleaning although there are no dust filters here.

ATCS 840 bottom vent and filter

Looking at the bottom of the case you’ll see the other vent for optional fan placement and the filter that slides out for cleaning. Also note the nice home theater component type feet with rubber bottoms. No scratching up the floor or furniture here!

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