Computex 2010 Show Floor Coverage – Day 0

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Cougar GX 1050 Power Supply

We also spotted the Cougar 1050W power supply that has been designed in Germany & Taiwan, as part of the ‘HEC/Compucase’ partnership.  This power supply is partially modular and 80 Plus certified with a Gold rating.

Cougar 1080GX Power Supply

The COUGAR GX 1050 power supply is 93% efficient and kept cool by an Advanced HDB (Hydro Dynamic Bearing) 140mm fan.

Cougar 1080GX Power Supply

The Cougar GX G1050 power supply has an aluminum cover that has a ‘coarse grained’ coating on it that is said to help protect against scrapes and increase the surface area for better air-contacted. This is because the aluminum cover also acts like a heat sink to help keep the power supply cool according to the literature that we got for this PSU. Internally we were told that the Cougar GX 1050 uses all industrial components like 105C capacitors.

Cougar 1080GX Power Supply Connections

Here we can see eight 8-pin connectors on the Cougar power supply that are used with the included modular cables.

Cougar 1080GX Power Supply Cables

The cables looked plenty long, but what is with the orange, black and white color pattern?  Are those Cougar colors?

That is all we have for our pre-show Computex 2010 coverage from Taiwan! Check back later today and every day this week for more show coverage!

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