CES 2011: OCZ Vertex 3 SSDs and ZX Power Supplies

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Vertex 3 SSDs with SandForce SF-2500 Series Controllers

OCZ has been on the forefront of both consumer and enterprise SSD market for some time now and there aren’t any signs that they are slowing up anytime soon. With one of the most diverse lines of SSD products of any manufacturer and the wildly popular Vertex line in their back pocket, they are forging ahead with the Vertex 3 line for both consumer and enterprise storage solutions.

OCZ Vertex 3 PRO SSD

OCZ Vertex 3 Pro SSD

The Vertex PRO consumer SSD will feature the next generation SandForce SF-2582 controller with a SATA III/6Gbps interface. When it ships, it will be available with MLC or eMLC NAND in capacities of 64GB to 512GB.

OCZ Vertex 3 Pro SSD Performance

The performance numbers are impressive with published specifications of 550MB/s and 525MB/s reads and writes respectively while also hitting 75k IOPS 4k random writes.

OCZ Vertex 3 EX SSD

The enterprise version carries the Vertex 3 EX name which also features the SandForce SF-2582 controller and the SATA III/6Gbps interface. Available with SLC NAND, it’s preliminarily documented to hit the same 550MB/s reads and 525MB/s writesas the PRO but ups the 4k random writes to 80k IOPS.

OCZ Vertex 3 EX SSD

OCZ also has the Vertex 3 EX SSD that is available for enterprise and server applications. This drive uses the same SandForce SF-2582 controller and is available in capacities of 64GB to 512GB.

OCZ Z-Drive R3

OCZ Vertex 3 EX SSD

While they have their consumer oriented PCI-E drives covered with speedy
RevoDrive and RevoDrive X2, the enterprise market gets a new version of
the Z-Drive carrying the R3 designation. With performance specifications of 1,000MB/s reads and 970MB/s writes, plus 135,000 IOPS of 4k random writes, “fast” doesn’t even begin to describe its performance.

OCZ Vertex 3 EX SSD

Powering this beast are four SandForce 1565 controllers in a RAID 0 configuration which interfaces through a x8 PCI-E slot.

OCZ Vertex 3 EX SSD

The ATTO results that were on display back up the numbers OCZ has detailed in their press release.

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