CES 2011: DisplayPort Demos Wireless, Fiber and much more

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DisplayPort through fiber, wireless and splitters

DisplayPort over fiber

DisplayPort has also been demonstrating how many different mediums can carry DisplayPort’s signal.  With converter boxes on either end, DisplayPort can be carried over ethernet, CAT6, USB 2.0, fiber optics and more.

Splitters and DisplayPort

Accell UltraAV

DisplayPort had multiple examples of being able to attach multiple monitors through a single DP port through the help of a device like Accell’s UltraAV.

Secondary Monitor of Multiple Screens

Here is a picture of the laptop’s secondary monitor settings. The secondary monitor is actually the Accell UltraAV which had three DVI monitors connected to it. This all connected to the laptop through its single DisplayPort out.

Wireless DisplayPort WHDI

Wireless DisplayPort WHDI

WHDI is DisplayPorts wireless standard. DisplayPort was demonstrating this technology by having a laptop connect to a device prototype by Amimon. The Amimon DMC (Display Mini-Card) is sending the signal wirelessly to a receiver that is connected to the HDTV. While the transmitter and receiver should ultimately be embedded in the HDTV and laptop, for demonstration purposes, it was neat to see the electronics that were actually behind the technology.

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