CES 2008: Las Vegas Booth Babes

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OCZ, Saphire & D-Link

OCZ Booth BabeOCZ Booth Babe

During the famous annual OCZ party at CES, there were a few impressive babes helping keep the party going by serving drinks and drawing door prize winners!

Saphire Booth Babe

Out on the show floor, Saphire was showing off, uhm, graphics cards at the HDMI booth. You do see the graphics cards, don’t you?

D-Link Booth Babes

D-Link, D-Link, D-Link… Now, what brand is your next wireless router going to be?? If you managed to say Linksys, you did better than we did!

We hope you have enjoyed our 2008 International CES coverage so far! Look forward to a few more articles as we get through our notes and remaining pictures! Cheers!

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