CES 2007 – Corsair Announces PC2-10000 DDR2 Memory

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New Flash Memory Products

Another new product Corsair is announcing at CES is their USB TurboFlash memory. This isn’t just another flash memory, it’s their new Windows Vista ReadyBoost memory. ReadyBoost technology allows data to be kept on a USB flash drive, which can of course read and write data faster than data on a hard disk. Performance can be noticeably improved by using a ReadyBoost drive especially if your system contains just 512MB of RAM. The drive provides encrypted protection of the data stored on it to prevent unauthorized access. Corsair’s TurboFlash has been validated by Microsoft to be fully compliant for ReadyBoost and is compatible on all versions of Windows Vista.

Corsair Turbo Flash USB Drive

Corsair’s TurboFlash memory is backed by a 10-year warranty and on-demand customer support and is available immediately. There are currently two models on the market, 512MB and 1GB with a suggested price of $16.99 and $24.99 respectively. Look for a Vista upgrade kit to come along later in Q1 2007 that will include two modules of Corsair Value Select memory and a TurboFlash drive.

Corsair Memory Padlock and Voyager GT Flash Drives

Other than the TurboFlash Corsair had a the new and improved Flash Voyager GT and brand spanking new padlock on display.  Corsair is taking a different approach to securing USB flash drives, by applying hardware level protection to your sensitive data. By requiring a user set code be entered into the USB key itself before data can be accessed it eliminates software protections that are easier to crack. Up to 16 character passwords are used to keep your data safe. Since the padlock has an electronic hardware ‘lock’ on it a battery is required and the size of the device is a bit thicker than many flash drives on the market today. Corsair is also coming out with another USB flash drive that is called the G-Force. The G-Force is going to have a water tight metal housing for those that want something that can be punished, yet still operate.

We hope you enjoyed the look at PC2-10000 memory and the latest in USB flash drives from Corsair Memory!

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