Case Labs MAGNUM M8 Case Review

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Final Thoughts & Conclusions

This case as been awe inspiring since it hit our dock given the number of options and the sheer size of the MAGNUM M8.  Case Labs obviously put a lot of time into the design and listened to a lot of customer feedback and then combined that with the skill and tools to make this work of art.
M8_built.jpg (537×550)
If you made us pick the thing we liked most about the MAGNUM M8 it would simply be options.  We have never seen a case that gives you this level of flexibility both for your current build and most likely for many after.  The fit and finish are extremely good and what you would expect from a boutique builder case at this price.  Finally the amount of room you have to work with and the cable management options makes building inside this case an absolute dream.
While it is hard to improve on such an amazing case, we do have a few areas we think could use a little tweaking.  First, the fact the front I/O port is a $20.00 option seems a bit steep for something standard on $50.00 cases.  A $350.00 plus dollar case should have this standard or at least a couple of USB 2.0 ports.  Second, there is no option for intake filters anywhere on the case.  It would seem you could use some of those thumb screws to mount a few z brackets on at least the bottom of the case and slide in a 360mm filter.  Finally, and certainly minor, a vented door option for the ventilated area to be the same size as the XL window to provide more options for mounting fans or radiators instead of just two stripes.
All in all these are very minor issues and the fantastic modularity of the Case Labs MAGNUM M8 make them very trivial.  While $359.95 Plus Shipping starts at the upper end of enthusiast cases price range and only climbs from there as you add options, we feel that Case Labs has lived up to what they claim in that this is probably the last case you will ever buy.  They believe in it so much they back it with a 5 year warranty on the M8 (1 year on electronics if you buy the I/O panel)  If you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars on high end components and swap them every few years for new increasingly expensive components, why not invest in an amazing case to house it all!  This is why we are giving the Case Labs Magnum M8 the editor choice award.
Editors Choice Award

Legit Bottom Line: While it is pricey, you get what you pay for and this will probably be the last case you will ever buy with more options than you can imagine.  This is one of the nicest cases we have had the pleasure of reviewing and our hats are off to the Case Lab team.
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