Case Labs MAGNUM M8 Case Review

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Unboxing the Case Labs MAGNUM M8

When you break the $350.00 mark for a computer case you make some assumptions such as the packaging will be first class allowing the case to show up looking as good as it did when it came off the line.

Case Labs box
Since this case is not on retail shelves, Case Labs does not need to waste money on fancy graphics for the outside of their box.  Fine with us as this just hits the recycle bin after the photo shoot.
Case Labs box open
Our sample showed up with dense foam corner blocks and 1″ foam panels.  We have seen customer build logs overseas where they use as much as 2″ of foam depending on the destination.   It appears they pack the case based on how rough the shipping is from California to your destination.
Caselabs_plastic.jpg (550×588)
The case comes wrapped in heavy plastic to protect the finish from any scratches during packing.
M8 Unwrapped
After pulling off the plastic you can see the sample Case Labs sent us had the optional side window which they left the brown protective paper covering both inside and out.  That lexan looks great but can scratch easily so we were happy to see this.
Packing inside left
Behind the left door we found several optional components nicely wrapped in heavy bubble wrap and then a large wad of news print to keep everything from shifting around.
Right side packing
Behind the door on the right side was another large zip lock bag full of additional parts, screws, and panels again wrapped in a thick layer of bubble wrap and stuffed with news print to prevent shifting.
Case Labs M8 Accessories
This is the pile of accessories that they included for our review sample that we pulled out of the Case Labs MAGNUM M8 all nicely wrapped.
M8 accessories
Unwrapped you can start to sense the magnitude of options considering this is only a small selection.   In addition to the extra parts Jim threw in there is a standard pack of screws in both 6/32 and 3mm as well as a spare parts bag with extra thumb screws and mounting clips for the front panel, top panel, and doors in case they wear out.
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