Boot Camp Installation – Windows Vista on a Mac Notebook

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Boot Camps introduction to the Mac world

windows on mac

Last years introduction of Intel processors to Apple computers was not only good for Apple and Intel, but it was good for the end user because it allowed Apple to introduce a little program called Bootcamp, which allows those with Intel based Apple computers to install windows on their machine.  For those that wanted to try Apple and OSX, this was a god-send, as they could now have the best of both worlds by using OSX and still having the option to use Windows if needed (or wanted).  Originally, Bootcamp was designed to work with Windows XP SP2.  You could install Vista, but some things were not supported and needed a work around. 

But  Apple recently released an updatede version  of their Bootcamp that officially supports Vista.  So, being the Windowsholic that I am, I had to at least try it out, just so I had that secure feeling of having Windows on my machine if needed, or if I just had an itch to play BF2!  So, off I went to download it, and this is my brief account of how it all went.  So, grab a cup of coffee, and sit back and take a look at a Bootcamp install, and how to get the best of both worlds!

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