Asus X48 Rampage Extreme Motherboard Review

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Extra Features

Asus Rampage Extreme


The initial sticker price on the Asus Rampage Extreme can easily make your heart skip a beat. It is only after you open up the box and start viewing all the toys they’ve packed into it that you realize you may have walked away with a bargain. The bundled Creative X-Fi discrete audio card provides a step above most integrated audio solutions that can in itself be considered to be a $50 bundled audio card.

TweakIt I believe is the most powerful technology included with the Rampage Extreme. This is just the first iteration of this technology from Asus; however, it’s immensely useful. TweakIt lets the overclocker completely bypass operating system restraints to fully adjust voltages and FSB frequencies, monitor temperatures¬†and voltages, and select which BIOS to boot from. The possibilities are endless with TweakIt —¬†check out the video below for a quick sample of what it can do.

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